Chapter VII: Devil's Mine

General Summary

Delving further down the cave they realize they are in the ruined mines long collapsed that once belonged to the dwarves of Bhar Thadrim .

The blackened sheen of the red marbled pattern on the abdomen of the beast in front of you glares off of the light of the Driftglobe. Four sets of eyes focus on its next meal...

Finding their way through the mines, a collapsed cavern blocks their way with a shattered mineshaft containing 3lbs of raw mithril. They soon notice a hole at the top of the rubble about the size of a halfling, they decide on the safer route and send Holts in owl form through the opening. Seeing a ruined break area and exit, Holts returns to the group. Viska, sharing Holt's senses, relays the information and they decide on trying to find a way around, taking a note of the cavern's instability.

Finding the walls ahead covered in webs, the students had a hint of what they were up against. Cautiously, they proceeded and soon find two bodies spun up into webs. One begins to wriggle as two fingers escape from the inside. A voice calls out to them for help. Lunny steps forward taking out a dagger and cuts the man free. Without introducing himself, he insists on leaving right away. They all agree and make haste to exit. Turning around, however, the spider that was responsible for this lair had other ideas.

A battle ensues as the man runs for his life. Swarms of spiders erupt from their surroundings at the command of their mother. The battle was arduous and Elyjuah was downed in her attempt to save Lunny after being knocked unconscious and dragged off by the mother. With the combined forces of Xini and Viska, they are able to finish the monstrosity before it fled to the collapsed depths below.

Returning to the surface, they reunite with the man who then asks for food or water which Lunny obliges. The others head to sleep for the night as Lunny watches over them. The man looked ill, trying to provide him with some remedy from their herbalism kit with some morgwort and kingsleaf, Lunny attempts to help. It allows him to drift off to sleep, but it would be his final rest as new hatchlings erupted from his body, spilling out from his form throughout the remainder of the night. In the morning, they prepared a pyre to burn and a hole to bury the stranger who was now reunited with the desert sands.

Game Session Date
Wednesday the 3rd of November
in the 2021st Anno Domini

Report Date
04 Nov 2021

Oryth Date
Fosdis the 8th - Sondis the 9th Days of Boccbis
in the 541st Year of Rebirth

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They began their journey and soon were confronted by a red tiefling whom they recognized as Professor Thycius. Giving those practicing Enchantment a small lecture, he leaves as quickly as he appeared, leaving the group with a scroll of Hideous Laughter.

Later that evening, they received a distress call from Thalgron struggling to even get out that their group was all captured by the dragon, Tol'ra. Knowing they only had one shot at it, they decide to swallow their pride and contact Abir with the sending stones. The choice would prove a useful one as he informs them of specific landmarks to their know location: "Go North toward the Ruins. Then East toward the Mountains. When you find a willow splayed in twine, you will find the entrance."


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