Chapter VI: I, Vorn

General Summary

Continuing onward as the group nurses their wounds from the previous Ankheg encounter, the students' bad luck was far from over.

A man of metal towers several feet over you, the steel under its rusty exterior reflects the bright Ksiban sun. As it whirrs to life, a grinding and hollow voice emits as it looks upon you with its emotionless glowing eyes.

Finding a place will small puddles of fresh water and a small font of flora, the group was able to relax for a bit. Using the magics of Mold Earth, they were able to take coverage from high desert sun. During their rest, however, a distance barking could be heard. Though they tried to shield their location with illusionary magic, the heightened senses of the predators would quickly sniff out the adventurers. A battle quickly ensued, but the students quickly overpowered the jackalweres with the ferocious tenacity of the halfling Xini, leaving three dead, and one running in terror.

Continuing north, they find the ruins of an ancient Ksibian City. Scouting ahead with Viska share his senses, the owl-shaped Holts sored through the air above the sands and spotted the towering figure of steel, Vorn. After the steady hand and knowledgeable engineering of Lunny, they were able to repair the automata, and program themself as its owner. After having it stand watch for the night, the four slept peacefully.

The following morning they decide to send Vorn back to Ii'rusn. After speaking with the corpse of the person at Vorn's feet, they found that there was a cave located East. They decide it was worth investigating and ventured onward to toward the mountain line. Before reaching, their destination, however, they fell into a sinking hole, revealing a series of tunnels. Casting Detect Magic, Viska spotted a faint glow of Enchantment Magic in the distance. Turning back to Lunny, there’s a heavy amount of enchantment magic, mixed through with transmutation and evocation. Beneath that, through the cracks and gaps in their tarnished brass shell, there’s a thick, ghastly aura of necromantic magic seeping through.

Game Session Date
Wednesday the 27th of October
in the 2021st Anno Domini

Report Date
28 Oct 2021

Oryth Date
Sondis the 8th - Mordis the 9th Days of Boccbis
in the 541st Year of Rebirth

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Not having time to explore... That. They press on, finding an emaciated man in a metal cage. Busting the man out, they release it is the source of magic. After a sporadic conversation with the prisoner, they allow the man to pass. They run to the entrance of the sinkhole before transforming into a large lionesque female form. A creature of cruelty known as a Lamia. What did they just unleash onto the world? Where will these tunnels take them??


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