Chapter XVII: Into the Maelstrom

General Summary

Uniting with the captain who was to take the students to the Maelstrom, Lunny soon realizes this crew is the very same as the one they encountered in the tomb.

Kalista stands in the abyss of the maelstrom; This was her prison. She was chained to rocks suspended by magic and the storm of a thousand typhoons spun to her will...
Their crew being mutually beneficial, they make their way towards the storm. Finding the void in the center of the Tof'kran Sea, they soon see Kalista, the mother of giants chained to the center. Finding the sarcophagus being worn around the giant's neck, they quickly spring into action.
Though it cost the lives of the hired crew, and the destruction of the ship, with artful planning and teamwork, they were able to secure the dingy for themselves and sail out of range of Kalista's storm.

Thalgron was finally able to crack into the failsafe of the sarcophagus, but the sudden springing of the door caused the sarcophagus and its contents to be thrown into the air. They were only able to retrieve the sword.

They soon have a conversation with what was supposed to be an inanimate object, discovering that it not only has a personality but nine unique ones. Though they were led to believe the sword was one of nine copies, they are quick to find the case is actually that the nine are all the same sword.

They make their way to Jalfor after being found by Mephi and Moddy in the gnome's Apparatus of the Crab and are teleported back to the College. They handed over the sword and finally met the benefactor funding the expedition as the sword is handed over to none other than Lord and Lady Alkavisk, the latter of whom Moddy referred to as "Grand Master"...
Game Session Date
Wednesday the 20th of July
in the 2022nd Anno Domini

Report Date
21 Jul 2022

Oryth Date
Mordis the 16th Day of Ralibis - Mordis the 2nd of Day Zagbis
in the 541st Year of Rebirth

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