Saltmarsh Episodes

We fought them in the air, on land and under the waves
but it wasn't enough
Brave folk banded together united in hope and allied in goal
but it wasn't enough
The black tide brought with it an evil of terrible power
and darkness sank into the hearts of us all
For we knew as above in the skies we lost so on land we'd lose
and our only hope was below
but it wasn't enough
Forces unknown to us were at work
and in those dark days it found purchase wherever it touched
for our best wasn't enough
And yet a single light burns in the dark night
and it might be enough

Episode 1

The MHS Second Chance, a fine ship with a fine crew, finds itself in deep fog and with little wind to move her forward. Her Captain, Victor Salt, has set course for Saltmarsh - the human harbour-city located on the Azure Sea coast. But with the doldrums they are not going anywhere.

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Episode 2

This week our crew limp their way in to the seaside town of Saltmarsh hoping to recover from their near-death run in with a Human 1st Rate Battleship, a Dwarvish Thordaine class ship, oh and an undead Kraken riding lich of the sea. But when they arrive things take a turn for the worse...

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Episode 3

Discovering the massive amount of gold owed by Captain Salt to Gellan Primewater - a notorious slave trader and smuggler - the crew are faced with a dilemma: how to repay it? Jagsy take a swing at an old friend and learns that not everyone is what they seem. Meanwhile Indigo has discovered something alarming about the new statue that's been erected in the town square and Flick makes a new friend. What will the future hold for this crew?

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Episode 4

Before the captain can answer Gellan's ultimatum, the slave trader gives Salt two days reprieve for reasons unknown. This 'breathing room' allows the crew to turn their attention to the dark necrotic energy emanating from the statues that have been erected in the town of Saltmarsh. What they discover is not what they had hoped for...

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Episode 5

Having made their way up to the haunted mansion the crew begin to explore the haunted mansion. Matters take a turn for the worse when Captain Salt orders the party to split, and the subsequent discovery of a coconut leads the party into certain death!

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