Ghosts of Saltmarsh

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This Codex documents the ongoing adventures of the MHS Second Chance as they unravel the secrets of The Ghosts of Saltmarsh - Call of the Kraken. They are lead on their adventure by How to be a Great GM.   Tune in frequently as this Codex will be updated as the campaign progresses.

Contains SPOILERS for the Live show!

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The Great GM
You can join the crew of the MHS Second Chance and help find a hidden treasure! Prizes awarded for viewers who find the treasure! Begin your hunt here!

The Adventure

We fought them in the air, on land, and under the waves.
But it wasn't enough.
Brave folk banded together united in hope and allied in goal.
But it wasn't enough.
The black tide brought with it an evil and terrible power,
and darkness sank into the hearts of us all.
For we knew as above in the skies we lost so on land we'd lose,
and our only hope was below.
But it wasn't enough.
Forces unknown to us were at work,
and in those dark days it found purchase wherever it touched,
for our best wasn't enough.
And yet a single light burns in the dark night,
and it might be enough.

The Crew

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