North Morelion

"Morelion, oh golden coasts! If your core not rotten were, forever i'd here live!" - A saying popular with Duvaran Traders.   The subcontinent of North Morelion is one of two halves that come together to form Morelion. Despite most of its area being uninhabitable, about a million people live in North Morelion.


The subcontinent can be divided into three zones. The coastal regions called The Morelionic Coasts, are the only of the three areas that still contain life. The west coast mainly consists of warm beaches adjacent to rocky mountains that can reach more than one and a half kilometers at some points. If you follow the coastline north the land becomes more and more plane until you reach the east coast, which is mainly comprised of far stretching fields under a warm sun.   While there is no unified kingdom, several of the Northmorelionic Houses have started to expand their influence further from their city states and are aggressively expanding their territory through various means.   The northernmost inland areas contain the Wasted Woods. This massive forest contains only bare trees and dry moss and grass, all of it long dead and preserved by some unseen force. Lastly the majority of the continent is covered by a desert called the Everlasting Sands. Should you get lost there, you may go weeks seeing nothing but dunes and the scorching sun as far as the eye can see.

Fauna & Flora

Most of North Morelion is long dead by now due to The Draining Hand. Only in The Morelionic Coasts, life can be found.

Natural Resources

The main resource North Morelion still has is knowledge. Even if larger amounts of riches were still available inland, the threat of The Draining Hand prevents any further attempts of mining or harvesting.   The Morelionic Coasts are rich in sulfur, iron and coal, but the abundance there also prevents any struggle for resources as of yet. What North Morelion exports are twofold. First high quality items forged by their expert craftsmen that are renowned in other places of the world and fetch good prices, second education. Every larger town of North Morelion has at least one good college and library, with local and international nobles paying good money for the education of their children. The occupation of Driolo, roughly translating to educator, is held in high regard, with only priests and nobles being above them in the hierarchy of society.

Alternative Name(s)
The dead continent
Location under
Dea Prima


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