5/ 3/ 1445


  The world that rebuilt itself. This is a world full of new found magic, new gods, new alliances, but a long and sordid history.    

Hello there wonderful worldbuilders!

  We are looking to start a community of 18+ year old people to come together to make a fleshed out world that is meant for tabletop gaming and I want you to join me! We want dedicated creators for a year-long project culminating in a useable book for you to keep and cherish.   We intend on spending a year planning, plotting, scheming, and creating all the bits and pieces of this world. All the conflicts, secrets, important people, gods, and everything else you can think of and using World Anvil as our repository. Then, when we are finished, making physical or pdf copies for each member to use in their campaigns, stories, games, or whatever you're into making.  

World setting:

mid to high magic fantasy magic is like a new technology, and advances are happening quickly historied and with deep lore based in D&D *set in a post-destruction / rebuild world Think DnD and Pathfinder settings with varied cultures, traditions, and societal hierarchies. I personally will be adding from a D&D focused perspective.   I want our world to be detailed, immersive, and well-loved. There will be assigned roles to include:  

We Need:

World Anvil writers World Anvil editors Discord Guildmembers Vexilologists Cartographers Artists AND MORE. Have a useful skillset and some time? Let us know!   Keep in mind, this is all in the planning phase.  

Discord Invite:

https://discord.gg/az8CqjD   I look forward to hearing from you!  


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