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The First Snow

Celebration of the changing of the seasons and the beginning of winter!

Written by Dejers
The burgeoning clouds in the distance herald the coming of the wintry deposits of snow. As they approach; the villages buckle down, the cities ready their furnaces, and the children watch in bated anticipation. These are the days before the First Snow.   The First Snow is always a time of interest. With the cool winds surging from the north, mixing with the warmth of the south and stirring up massive storm clouds laden with snow, the snow itself is almost a certainty for most of Ithungsida, however, the exact date is indeterminate varying even between close towns. Every year, children wake up early after nighttime snows and rush outside to early frosts attempting to make footprints. Even on those days when it snows in the middle of the day, the holiday generally is not celebrated until the snow still holds consistency enough to form a footprint that isn't mostly mud and slush.   Once the footprint is confirmed the parents typically award the children their winter clothes and blankets, finally pulling them from storage or having finished/obtained new ones.


Children are usually the ones watching for this holiday as close as they can, in larger cities and more well off areas, when the winter clothes are provided, little treats and gifts may be hidden in the heavier clothing.   Children typically wake up extra early on the days of a snowfall, and take to the outside in an attempt to leave footprints worthy of the celebration. However, when the snow falls after sunrise, the usual expectation is to watch and see if the snow lasts till the next morning.

Components and tools

Heavier clothes and blankets are a must for this holiday, the first snow is the turning point for fashion and general wear in towns and villages.


It is rare that the celebration goes outside of a family unit, but some tight-knit communities or larger cities do have specific people assigned to hunt for snow just outside of their borders or to make sure it isn't missed. These people are called Puddlejumpers for the high likelihood of their mistaking slush for snow.   Generally children act as Puddlejumpers with the parents checking their conclusions and footprints.


This holiday is observed on the day of the first snow.   Firn, the Chilled Halfling is the supporting deity behind this holiday, not that she is explicitly required for it.

Gods Associated or in direct support of this holiday include:   Firn, the Chilled Halfling

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