The natives of Esplorzeni, Exotic and Rarely seen off the isles.

Written by Pumpkinhead9092, Revised and Rewritten by Dejers!

Izalans, those that fled to the Islands of Esplorzeni and built among the waves.   One of the few ethnic groups that weren't pushed into the Dytikan Coast with the rest of Humanity; in Modern Times, Izalans are a rarity on the mainland of Ithungsida. The majority live on the various islands of the Islands of Esplorzeni and draw attention as foreigners in most places with their strange accents and tanned skin. They are said to be the masters of the waves, with many enlisted as sailors and travelers. The spirit of DraKaise is known to be strong with them, giving many an insatiable wanderlust.   With their relative isolation from the rest of Humanity, Izalans developed a rich creole of Common and Aquan that they adjusted and adapted from Sea Elf and Triton communities that lived in the waters of the islands. However, most can easily speak Common, preferring to use it as a Formal Language for business and important matters.   Izalans tend towards having light brown and dark red hair, while maintaining a massive stature that often exceeds 6 feet tall. The typical view of an Izalan is a tall heavily tanned man with high cheekbones and bright white teeth. Their eye colors range across the spectrum from a light brown, to a common green, and the rare blue.

Significant presence in

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