Heroes Fall Graveyard

The graveyard of heroes, many marked only as memorials for bodies that were unrecoverable in the line of duty.

When heroes fall, their bodies are supported, respected and remembered. Remember the times of old, the deaths of the multitudes in the Incursion, and know that we stand against the bleak tragedy of nature's wrath.
— An Unnamed Legatus.

  A short walk from the Great Hall of Deities is the Graveyard. The overhang of the mountains above blot out the sun and cast it into shade during the evenings and late nights, but this doesn't stop many from coming to pay condolences to the memories of friends, comrades, brothers-in-arms and family.


Wrought-iron bars fence off all but a handful of entries. The light grass is marred by hundreds of small memorials of various colors and materials.   Each a lost one, each a fallen hero.
Alternative Names
Battalion Graveyard
Owning Organization

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