Great Hall of Deities

The devout of the Battalion share this temple with each other, seeking out the presence of the divine.

The young DraKaise come to hear their faults, to hear the songs of the past and to prepare for the call of the future.
  What stories would be told if they were left to wallow and be concerned for the future, bereft of aid and advice. No. It is our obligation to help those that seek out experience and knowledge.
— Unnamed Legatus

  The temple is cut out of the mountain and filled with reliefs of each of the The Arydian Pantheon. All are welcome to worship here and to call favor from their divinities, as well, many advisors stalk the Hall and offer help to the many DraKaise-stricken in the region.


While the majority of the temple is a tough stone carved from the surrounding hills, the rest of the temple is made from light oak that has been formed into hard wooden flooring and separators for each pantheon member's area.
Alternative Names
The Temple
Temple / Religious complex
Owning Organization

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