Dueling Pit

Honing one's talents is a difficult task, best to sharpen oneself on another blade.

The Landscape heals and prepares us for the end at the same time. For this reason, you will feel my blade cut into you, but you will not fall to the ground a corpse as you would otherwise. Now stand and fight!
— An unnamed Tribune

  This pit dominates a large region of the Base Camp, from the walls those fighting within it can see the reasons they have to fight in the memorials and wrought iron fences of the Heroes Fall Graveyard.


The outskirts of the pit are demarcated by stone seats carved out of sheer rock and tight ropes that show the end of the fighting area. Not that this always stops exuberant clashes.
Alternative Names
Pit of blood, Flaying Pit, Tribune's Arcade
Owning Organization

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