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Caelfoc Union

The Pathblazers of Renai

In the recent past, before the now that is and after the was that could have been, many souls did meet in the lands of snow. Seeing the battles approaching ahead. The group was formed and did it’s best. Going forth and spreading the light. Burning paths through the night. In winter are the cold and chills. The Caelfoc are of mettle, tougher still.   The roads were cut. Into the ground and marked they were. Maps were made and the world was heard. For trade must move. And in the following of the fires, the treads of trade did never tire.   Numbers swell and then they fall, a core group to lead them all. The young will die and be abused. Till they find their scales have hardened. Wyrmlings to Wyrms. So many deaths spurned. Not in the now that is, but in the lands to come. The numbers fall as Drakaise swells anew. For the clearing of the roads, hasn’t taken quite enough. Blood will spill through.
— Loxodon Oral Myth of the Caelfoc Union


Caelfoc have five tiers of structure with Corresponding titles: Great Wyrm, Ancient, Adult, Young, and Wyrmling.  

Caelfoc Union members

The rough membership and divisions of the Caelfoc Union.

~1400members of the Caelfoc union.responsibilities
~600WyrmlingsManual Labor near Cities.
~400YoungsShort Transits between Cities.
~350AdultsIn depth Clearance of paths between cities
~50AncientsLeading adults, finding new paths.
~10Great WyrmsAdministration

Great Wyrm

Great Wyrms are retired Ancients. For when the body has grown too weak to do what the body yearns. However, few make it to this point, many dying off before they reach this point. The Great Wyrms are stationed in the major cities of Renai and direct the forces to where they are the most optimal. Each acts independently, but remains in close contact with the rest.


Ancients have gone on countless runs along the roads. Crisscrossed the continent and reached the peak of physical capability. While some are put in charge of Adult squads, others are sent out to survey new paths for roads and easy traverse. These groups are rarely in more than two due to the lack of Caelfoc available.


Those who make it to the rank of Adult alive are tough and world-weary. Generally these groups are tougher than an average civilian and are capable of fighting off some of the foes ran across on the open roads of the Renan Highways. Adults are put under the charge of an Ancient and run the hard stretches of the roads. Where the roads have frozen over with ice sometimes meters thick.


Youngs are formed into their own squads and sent on short trips between outposts. Generally they only clear areas that have been recently cleared. However, with the increased travel, the mortality rate of the Young skyrocket. It is said that the transition from Wyrmling to young is the deadliest life change one can undertake in the Caelfoc Union.


Wyrmlings are new recruits and the lowest tier of the Caelfoc Union. Recruits in this tier rarely stray more than a few miles from the nearest outpost and handle most of the gruntwork near bases.

Public Agenda

The Caelfoc Union pledges to keep the roadways of Renai clear and secure so trade and travel may be maintained at all costs.


The Caelfoc Union has an outpost in every city with room for 110 active residents. Mainly having room for the Wyrmlings and Adults. Each Outpost has a single Great Wyrm present who leads the affairs of the union in that region.

Trade through the arctic wastes will not be hindered and can not abate.

Civil Services
Alternative Names
The PathBlazers, The RoadScrapers
Training Level

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