Home of the artificers of the Battalion; muted explosions and screams are recommended to be ignored.

Careful! Careful! Move away from any open windows or doorways of the Armory, please move away from the armory! Muffled Explosion from within the walls Ah, yes, thank you! The situation has been resolved.
— An unnamed battalion artificer.

  The Armory is a large building with several floors made of extremely tough materials. People often visit here to test their most destructive magics as well as the many artificers taking their attempts to create deadly magical weapons and items to provide to members of the Battalion. More often than not, artificers stumble out of the smoking doors of the Armory to find drinks at the Hearty Dwarven Alehouse.


The building is filled with insulation and many small rooms that are warded against the inevitable destruction that will be unleashed within.
Alternative Names
House of Exploding things
Room, Military, Armoury
Owning Organization

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