Ancestor Calling

@Dwarves are Honor Focused beings, preferring to put their goal in their families and trusting for the best. They are intensely spiritual folk, remembering their ancestors and keeping common threads in mind when dealing with other Dwarves. A common attempt to resolve differences is to name an ancient ancestor and your lineage.  
Grudreg Feng stood and raised his warhammer over his defeated opponent, then reached down and offered a hand. "Raknar Feng, my Father's Father's Father's Father."   Rogar Ironbrew accepted the hand as he responded. "Raknar Feng, my Grandfather's Grandfather.
  In this manner, a dispute is allowed to come to an end with an understanding that neither side has lost any honor in the duel, for eventually, they are one blood. Should the names reach the 12th generation with no reconciliation, the common greeting is to refer to "Iwa, Land of my Ancestors."

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