Wolf Cult

The Wolf Cult, also known as the "Unity Movement", was a political activist party that opposed the formation of the Trifolk Alliance and argued that the kuna should stand on their own, without influence from the illim and vindral. They operated for about 30 years before their ideas lost any kind of traction and slowly petered out.

However, their ideals of "kuna purity" still exist among some more isolated and insular societies, particulary in the southern parts of the Great Plains and the Kimaran Desert.


The kuna unity movement was a specieist activist movement who argued that not only should kuna not ally with the illim and vindral, but it was considered unnatural and was greatly frowned upon by purists for mixed species relationships. Not that mixed relationships were that common in the early days of the Trifolk Alliance, except between illim and vindral, who had been allied for a long time before the foundation of the alliance.

The unity movement was made up of strong clan heads who leaned on traditional ideals and didn't trust the strangers from the north, who they had been at war with not two years ago. While these clan heads carried significant political clout within the kuna society, the innate curiosity and welcoming nature of the kuna meant that far more kuna were positive towards the alliance.


The unity, or purity, movement is largely remembered as a group of speciest nutcases and is referred to as the "Wolf cult" in colloquial speech. As previously mentioned, some of the "old ideas" live on in traditionalists, particularly in the southern deserts, but at large, the Kykr have found their own version of unity; one that includes all three species.

Purity and Unity

2 þS - ~30 þS

Political, Activist
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27 Aug, 2021 21:57

Definitely some uncomfortable echoes of today's world here, but I really like that the nature of the kuna in general means that most reject these ideals.

28 Aug, 2021 09:27

Kuna are almost compulsory social and open. Their clan-based family think, large families and great need for social interaction meant that these ideas died out pretty much when the old farts who held them died of age.

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