Vogh Darek

Vogh Darek is the main trade post and exploration outpost of the Sovereign Principality of Irdárina on the continent of Celenia. It is positioned near the northern cliffs, overlooking both the Raging Sea to the north and the Gewr Forest to the south.


Like Khobon Pes'Maakh before it, Vogh Darek is built on top of an ancient ruin, although while Khobon is right on top of the ruin, Vogh Darek lies slightly off from the ruins, instead using the ample stone and marble from it to help construct the massive, impressive city and its imposing walls.

The Ring Walls

Vogh Darek has two large walls encircling the "outer" and "inner" city. The outer wall protects the majority of the city, leaving only a few developing areas and significant farmlands outside. Most anyone is allowed inside the outer walls without too much of a fuss, although foreigners may be scrutinized.

The inner wall protects the inner city which is currently locked off from outsiders entirely. Only a member of the 40 Great Houses or by invitation from such a person may enter here. House Rannuf currently holds political rule in Vogh Darek and their mansion, and many other Great House mansions, lie within these walls. However, far from every one of the 40 have a presence here in Vogh Darek.

Political Situation

While most of Irdárina sees conflict constantly, on a daily basis, nowhere is this more apparent than in Vogh Darek. It is an incredibly important port and city for any house to command, which means it holds significant Ghoj to be the ruler of this city. This means that while there aren't open combat on the streets, all the great houses are hunting for anything that can be used to discredit or oust the ones in power, for an opportunity to grab power for themselves.

House Rannuf is not a house well liked by the others, but their close connections to House Vayantar, the house of the bej'mako, Aelanti, they hold incredible political sway.

Other houses who are likely to replace house Rannuf, should they for some reason lose their post, are House Gowr, House Tlhrok and House Qe'pel.

Points of interest

Besides the inner city, there are several good establishments and areas to visit while in Vogh Darek.



Sah-da, or "the Blood Morning", is a tavern on the west side of the city, located just outside the West Gate, in the Sprawl. Sah-da is run by the giant kuna Kob Moh the Houseless. Sah-da is also a known hangout for the more subtle members of Vogh Darek, such as Arij'el of House Gowr.

East Gate

It may not sound like much with just a gate, but the East Gate overlooks the Darklands, which is the southeastern portion of Vogh Darek's surroundings. Partially corrupted by the Shadowmark, this area will both fascinate and give you nightmares.


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