King of Fay Thaáltanassar (a.k.a. The Fairy King)

Thaáltanassar is the king of the Circle of Feá Niehm, and thus the king of fay. He is Inu and thus supposedly a direct descendent av Ayla herself.   Thaáltanassar's purpose as king is to see to Fay needs and issues all over the world, as the Fay all serve under him. He is described as a noble and level headed individual who see to the greater good rather than the individual.   He is the only Fay king to have ever reached out to the Kykr to try and make peace with them and come to a mutual understanding, but due to the Kykr being so fragmented it was hard for him to gather the Kykr leaders and get even them to agree with one another. His attempts were not successful.
Year of Birth
299 234 Years old
Shining blue
Shortly trimmed, white hair.
6'1'' (~180 cm)


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