Telchik Elixir

An elixir made from roots of the telchik weed. The potion is used entirely by the vindral species, who suffer from a strong estrous cycle that cause them to go into heat a couple of times a year. The telchik elixir works as a hormonal suppressant, making the episodes far easier to endure.


Usage and effects

Telchik elixir was discovered by and is used by vindrals in order to make their estrous cycles more bearable and manageable. Due to vindral having a very strong estrous cycle with two to three periods of "heat" every year, it's helpful for them to have something to suppress the worst parts of the strong libido they suffer from during these cycles. While most adult vindral can handle the cycles fine without scandals and put a lid on their libido, it's still a strong inconvenience and discomfort that any vindral gladly would be without. Those who can afford it use telchik elixir to suppress it.

Since the elixir is rather expensive, it's common for vindral to endure most of the libidinous part of the cycle and only take the elixir when the cycle peaks. Among the wealthy cost isn't an issue and the elixir is taken for the entire duration. The primary effect of the elixir is to block, or at the very least suppress, the hormones that cause the increased libido, suppressing the greatest effect of the heat cycle. This allows a vindral to feel less bothered during the cycle. They are still far more emotional than usual even when taking the elixir, but they are not plagued by a constant urge to procreate. The elixir usually last for about three days before the effects are no longer noticeable.

Manufacturing process

The elixir is rare not because of its ingredients but because of its very involved and dangerous manufacturing process. There are few who get into the business of making the elixir due to the high initial cost of acquiring all the equipment necessary to produce the elixir but also because of the great danger involved in it.


Telchik Lab

In order to produce the elixir, a complicated set of distilling equipment must be used. While raw Telchik root can be chewed to achieve a diminished effect, it's usually nowhere near enough for a Vindral to feel a substantial difference. In order to extract the necessary elements from the Telchik one needs the following:

  • A full-size glass distiller
  • A Telchik smoker (a device that heats the Telchik to the temperature required to make it smoke, but not burn, and capture the smoke)
  • Various beakers and vials
  • Gold beaker to store the corrosive gel in. A high-efficiency distiller can work to reduce distillation time and allow glass to be used instead

The Process

Once the required equipment has been set up, the telchik root is first dried over a period of three to four weeks. It must be entirely dry for the smoking process to work. The dried root is then shaved into thin flakes and placed upon the metal net of the smoker and heated until they smoke. It's incredibly difficult to do this as the smoke released during the smoking process is highly toxic, and one must take extreme care not to inhale any of the smoke. While this goes on, one must also make sure not to heat the flakes too much, as they can catch fire and be destroyed, ruining the process.

The smoke is captured by the smoker and is held inside a glass container for later use. The smoked flakes are then boiled in a pressure boiler until the water has taken on a dull brown color. Once this is completed, the water is distilled to extract the active substance from the water: a blackish brown gel left over after distillation. Unfortunately after distillation, the gel is highly basic and will eat through most metals, aside from gold and white gold (silver/gold alloy). This necessitates the usage of a gold beaker to store the gel in during and after distillation. A glass beaker can be used if the distillation is relatively quick, as the gel won't have time to corrode the glass.

This gel is then place into a chamber and the pressure reduced until the gel lightly bubbles. The cooled smoke from the smoking process is then introduced to the chamber and is allowed to react with the gel. The gel should take on a light brown/red translucent color. Once this is done, the elixir is more or less completed. The gel is carefully poured into hot, but not boiling, water and gently stirred until it dilutes in the water. The resulting liquid is somewhat like a light reddish brown lemonade and tastes bitterly.

Telchik Elixir
Elixir of Life by Elder Scrolls Legends
Alternative names
Telchik elixir
While Telchik is common in most of the north, the extract itself is very rare and expensive due to the involved and dangerous process required to make it.   Significance
Telchik elixir is used primarily in the northern cultures. The Telchik grows only in a narrow band across the Morvátian Peninsula and Gimroan Basin, limiting access for the southern regions. Finding Telchik in the Great Plains or south thereof is extremely difficult and even harder is finding someone who can make the elixir.

Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
Related ethnicities
Base Price
35-60 silver
Trade group 7 or 8

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Game specific details

Telchik Elixir   Incubation: Hour
Potency: 6+
Decay: 3 days
Scratch: No effect, the body rejects the potion.
Light Injury: Promiscuous reduces by +2.
Serious Injury: Promiscuous disappears entirely
Fatal Injury: The potion strikes the body hard, causing severe nausea, dizziness and issues with balance. For the duration of the potion, the imbiber is at -6 for physical activity due to dizziness. If it's any consolation, at least the libido is gone.


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26 Dec, 2018 22:51

Nice article! I liked the complex description of the process. However, you chanced upon a chemist for your reviewer, so I'm gonna give you a hard time on that. Is this magical, or is there a chemical that does this for them? Is it a chemical that is known to mankind? How does this chemical affect the systems of the Vindral, so that it reduces pain and suppresses hormones? Finally, are there the few Vindral that might go without this elixir? And how painful really is this menstrual cycle?

26 Dec, 2018 22:58

Hah, I had a feeling some chemist was gonna come along and go "Hey that's not right!" and I'll freely admit I'm no chemist. I'm a dabbling high school chemist at best. The process was made difficult to make an otherwise abundant material expensive when processed. As for how it affects the Vindral, they have an extremely strong estrous cycle that messes with their emotional state. Most of the time they're rather bland and cold with a limited emotional range, but during the peak of the estrous cycle (about twice to three times a year) they enter a state of "heat" where they're particularly emotional and above all libidinous, which if not handled well can lead to embarrasment at best and scandals at worst. The older the Vindral is the more used they are to these cycles are more set to handle them, but a lot of Vindral still take this elixir to not have to struggle with the constant sex drive, which can be tiring even if they're perfectly able to contain themselves.   I was deliberately vague when describing the chemicals themselves, as I'm not a chemist and quite frankly, that level of detail is not necessary for the players of the game. All they need to know is what the effects of the elixir is.

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
26 Dec, 2018 23:36

What i liked the most is that you really thought the process of making the elixir through. What i liked the least is the name dropping without summery. It's a personal thing and its assumed that someone reading it would know about the race in question or if they don't, would go and find out. The main issue i have though is i have no idea what the cycle is and it seems to be the primary purpose of the elixir. While i could go and find out no problem, it would be a very good fit to the article itself is some info about what the cycle is was presented. Not a bunch of info but a short maybe one or two sentence summary of it. It's also crucial to know why anyone would pay that much or go through the dangers of making it. Which leads to my question. What is the elixir actually helping? What effects of the cycle are being treated and how are they treated? What about the ingredients fixes it.

26 Dec, 2018 23:43

That's a great point, actually. I'll add a blurb about that. It's easy to get "homeblind" when writing stuff like this. Thanks a ton for that perspective! <3

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Sage Dylonishere123
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27 Dec, 2018 00:14

No problem and all. It happens to me often lol. Also, duuuude that's brilliant. A sexual suppressant. Who even thinks of that?! Good job. That's a huge twist. I had a feeling it was related to procreation, but that threw me for a loop lol

Laughing Prophet
27 Dec, 2018 00:29

Given the general disposition of the Vindral it makes sense that they would look into some means of repressing that aspect of their physiology. I do admittedly feel a typical gaming group may ignore that aspect, since it definitely has a risk of going places outside a group's comfort zone at times.

On the other hand I do find it amusing that the process itself is so hazardous. How did they even stumble onto a working recipe if the process has such lethal risks? Was there some other process that clued them in to the particular effect?

27 Dec, 2018 00:47

That particular part of Vindral physiology is covered, from a gaming perspective both as GM and as a Player, in the Vindral article itself. As you say, it's easily something that can be played entirely wrong and lead to places no one wants to go so it has to be handled with care.   As for the recipe itself, I should perhaps dig into that history a bit, as it does seem a bit amusing that they came up with this horrible and lethal process.

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Forgemaster Dimitris
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24 Jan, 2019 19:20

Beautiful work Tobias! I saw at the end you have game details. Which game is this data from? Sound we make a sheet for it?

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24 Jan, 2019 19:27

This is using data from the CD10 system (Celenia d10) in development by me. Most rules are here:   I don't think it's well known enough to warrant being added to WA ;)

Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused Celenia D10 RPG System.
16 Dec, 2020 18:13

I really like the thought that's gone into the manufacturing process. I think reading this after reading about the Vindral so recently is really useful - I think I remember you mentioning this elixir there. :D

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
17 Dec, 2020 01:31

Woah. No wonder it's expensive. A gold beaker alone must cost a pretty penny. Oof. I love the detail in this one. Everything from the process of creation to its effects shows how much thought you put into this. I especially like the little detail of time. It takes a month just to smoke the root and that assumes you don't mess it up. This means that, to make it yourself or commission someone to make it, you'd need some serious forethought to make sure you have some on hand or a source to get it when you run out. Well done!

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