Sjóronan Plains

The plains of Sjórona is a huge grassland dotted with large forests. It's extremely fertile due to the abundance of deep sediments and as such a lot of the plains have been cleared and made into farmlands.   The plains are cut by the river Korún, and end in the south by the river Jóngu. Beyond the river Jóngu the terrain gets more heavily forested and is called the Bengaran Woodlands.   Both Korún and Jóngu are big rivers that allow boats to travel on them and therefore they are very important trade routes and the nations that control them make a tidy profit from taxing other nations for usage.  


The Sjóronan plains form the very heart of the Gimroan Basin and the combination of abundant deciduous forests and deep, fertile sediments makes for a fantastic landscape to live in. There is an abundance of water from the many rivers and streams, particularly Korún and the plains are covered in farms, villages and cities who all prosper in the fertile landscape.  

Natural Resources

As previously mentioned, the most valuable asset of the plains is the fertile sediment allowing for large and easy harvests. In addition, the streams are rich in fish and the plains have several species of antelope-like animals that can be hunted and skinned. A common profession here is to raise and tend cattle, as the large, open plains allow the cattle to graze undisturbed.   However, there isn't much metal or stone to be found in the plains, so those wares must come from elsewhere if one wants to make tools.
Sjoronan Plains by Tobias Linder
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