The kingdom of Sjórona lies in the northeastern Gimroan Basin, in a location called the Sjóronan Plains. It is a huge kingdom with many duchies to control the vast area.   Sjórona is a relatively wealthy nation and it has recently become even more so, due to a deal struck with the Empire of Kfandr regarding usage of the river Korún for merchant ships. Previously the empire used the river Jóngu, that flows through Bengerian territories, to transport their wares, but due to a falling out between the king of Bengeirr and the empress, the empire now utilizes the northern Korún river instead, giving plenty of income for Sjórona.  


Sjórona shares much of its history with it's closest neighbor, the kingdom of Maróglaþ. These two countries started their existance as a large amount of different self-proclaimed lords, ladies, princes and dukes that all warred with one another for rights to the fertile lands of Háfu and the Sjóronan Plains.   With time, these lords amalgamated into two different groups, both under one strong lord proclaimed king. One side united under Mæglín Sjórfur, naming their kingdom Sjórona and the other under Margá Argláþ calling themselves the kingdom of Maróglaþ.   Many wars were fought and many lives, including the lives of both the founding kings, were lost before the countries settled somewhat on their borders. The absolute borders change now and then as local dukes claim or lose castles along the borders.  

Industry and trade

Sjórona produces absolutely stunning amounts of dry goods such as wheat and corn, as well as peas, onions and maize. Most of it is consumed by Sjórona's significant population but a large amount of it is also exported to other nations, particularly the Khobon Federation that have trouble farming in the frigid lands of the Blood Coast. In exchange Sjórona gets a iron, seafood and ships.   Thanks to the vast open areas of the Sjóronan plains, there is also a lot of cattle and sheep farming since these animals need large areas to graze upon, which gives products like meats, salted meat, leather, wool, milk and cheese.   In the very south where it is warmest, there are also a couple of kennels raising Gimroan Plainswolves mostly exclusively for the nobility and export. These huge and glorious beasts are expensive both to raise and own, so it's only a select few people in the world who can afford them. They are a popular export to the western lands, particularly Irdárina.   Thanks to the recent deal with the empire of Kfandr, Sjórona gains significant income from levying fees on merchant and transport vessels traveling up and down the river Korún, which has led to a significant step up of the military, particularly along the Maróglaþ border. The dukes who hold fiefdoms along the border have received large increases in financial support from the king.  


Sjórona imports large amounts of iron, tools and seafood (primarily fish) as those things are relatively difficult to come by in Sjórona. There are a couple of mines in the north along the mountains but not enough to supply the entire kingdom, so a lot is imported primarily from the Khobon Federation.  


The primary export from Sjórona is food in the form of dry goods, but there's also a significant export of wool, leather, linen and cheese.
Sjoronan Plains by Tobias Linder
Founding Date
349 ÞS
Geopolitical, Country
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
The King.
Judicial Body
The closest superior noble. For the commonfolk this means that the barons or their sheriffs are the closest judicial entity.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations
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Character flag image: Sjóronan Coat of Arms by Tobias Linder


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