There are three professions who are all intimately connected and vital for any settlement of any size. More people? You just need more of the craftsmen. The three professions are the shoemaker, the cobbler and the cordwainer.


The shoemaker, surprisingly, makes shoes. Everyone needs shoes and so there's always work to be done for the shoemaker. Shoes are vital to everyday life and the shoemaker makes shoes (boy, that's a sentence) to last. Each shoe is usually a work of love, meant to last for years and built to be repaired as necessary. In smaller settlements, the shoemaker is usually also the cobbler.


Technically a different profession from the shoemaker. The cobbler is the one that makes soles and repairs shoes. In most cases, the soles of shoes can be reinforced and repaired and they are usually the part of the shoe that wears the most, so replacing the soles can make shoes last for many, many years. If a settlement is small enough, there may not be enough work for a cobbler, so the shoemaker will usually do both the work of making shoes and repairing them.


The cordwainer is a fashionable shoemaker. You won't find these in smaller settlements as they require affluent customers to do their job. Cordwainers usually start as journeymen shoemakers but choose to perfect their craft into making beautiful and fashionable shoes for the upper class. The cordwainers shoes are many, many times more expensive than simple worker shoes and in difference from a shoemaker, they must make proper journeyman tests and become masters of their trae. While a shoemaker can do this, it is not required as everyone will always require shoes.

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I'm glad you were able to cobble this together. Great profession, great read.

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