Roþgar Family

The Roþgar (Red Oak) family is a powerful Bengerian family with significant political clout. They recently won the popular vote after King Bafusel Veðekk attempted to appoint his eldest daughter as heir to the throne and was forced to reconsider once the people rioted against his decision. Their candidate was Heruð Roþrýn, who now holds the position as king of Bengeirr.   Roþgar has significant wealth and hold several large estates across the country and currently hold a multitude of titles in the country, seeing as their family won the popular vote.  

Known members

Heruð Roþrýn, king of Bengeirr, married to Smyrna Roþgar.
Political, Family
Alternative Names
Red Oak Family
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

Character flag image: Roþgar Family Crest by Tobias Linder


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