The Slave Market

Ordo is the capital of the Khobon Federation and it's largely designed to deal with "land folk" as the locals call everyone who is not a khobonian citizen. They may very well be seamen, but they're still considered "land folk" and not true seamen.   Ordo is built this way because this is the main trade hub of Khobon and has to be capable of servicing hundreds of visiting traders. Several hundred ships visit this harbor every year, delivering and picking up wares bound for other countries. The Ordo market is the largest market in the world, even rivaling the Bengeirr bazaar.   The city of Ordo is known across the world not just for its huge trade, but the slave market. With all the piracy going on there is no lack of slaves to trade with other nations, or ransoms to exchange. Khobon also trades slaves with Khol-Chatal.
Almost impossible to know. Around 2000.
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