The Mysterious Eastern World

Naréin is a largely unknown land, discovered around 120 years ago by explorers from the Khobon Federation. Its western coast was extensively mapped and the continent was found to be as large, if not larger, than Arjin.   However, when land exploration was attempted, the explorers encountered the natives. They turned out to be an extremely hostile and xenophobic race of catfolk who promptly murdered the explorers and strung their corpses up on poles and crosses along the beach as a discouraging message to any further "incursions" onto their lands.   Khobon attempted to negotiate with the natives for many months before the natives even allowed them to set foot on the land again. The negotiations were successful, however, and a limited form of trade was opened, exclusive to the Khobon Federation.


Naréin is apparently very hot, as what can be seen from the shores are endless deserts with the occasional oasis dotting the landscape. Not much can be seen, however, as the terrain appears to be somewhat hilly. Judging from the dresses the natives wear, it can be assumed that the climate is very hot.

Fauna & Flora

Largely unknown. The coast is dotted with palm-like trees and low growing foilage, but that is about all that is known.


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