Nabak is the primary landing and settlement on Celenia from Kingdom of Khamad. It's something of a joint venture between Khamad and the Kingdom of Fodjan.

While Fodjan hardly has the economic power to fund an outpost on Celenia, Khamad certainly does. But Khamad doesn't quite have the manpower for it, due to the militarized nature and clan segmentation of power. Fodjan definitely has people and the majority of settlers in Nabak are djani refugees, backed up by volunteer khamadian soldiers.


Nabak lies at the mouth of a river, locally called the river of Kek, and houses a harbor capable of receiving transport ships with shallow keels. This necessitates that most oceanic vessels must anchor further out where the water is deeper and the cargo be loaded on scows and flatboats to be delivered to the outpost harbor. The region north of the coast is treacherous with plenty of underwater cliffs and reefs, threatening to rip ships apart.


The vast majority of people in Nabak consist of djani settlers and refugees. It's estimated that around three quarters of the population are djani, while the rest are khamadian settlers and soldiers.

There is a slight animosity between the djani and the khamadians as the khamadian settlers and soldiers sort of feel that the djani are constantly in the way and that they are largely useless. The djani on the other hand feel slighted and unfairly treated as many of them have been forced to flee their homes with only what they could carry with them.


Nabak is run by a local governor. His name is baron Sanret Da'Goeva, the son of duke K'pal Da'Goeva of Khamad, a close friend of King Bok'na dan Adon. The baron has access to a council of seven advisors that assist his daily duties. They can, at a majority vote, overrule the governor if necessary. This has never been tried in practice as the advisors generally are never all on Celenia at once, instead seeing to business in the homeland.


Nabak is unfortunate to have been settled right on the edge of a gigantic, dark and dense forest. This makes it very hard to farm the land and there are only a few farms nearby. The rest of them are down river, south of the forest just shy of 350 or so kilometers from Nabak. It takes almost two full days to get down to this area with a river boat and almost an entire additional day on land. It's faster to travel north towards Nabak, as one can then utilize the river flow.

Being placed on the coast means that there is little more than cliffs and sand nearby. Both sides of the river mouth rise rapidly up to steep cliffs and the river flows in a cleft out to the coast. Once you have managed to climb the steep coastline and come up to the forest, the land is far more flat and easily traveled. One must still be careful about the river as there is still a steep drop down to it for the first hours travel or so before the land comes down enough to reach the river.

Industry and Trade

Aside from the farming going on in the southern marshlands, it is not meant to be anything produced here aside from what the settlement needs. Most basic necessities are in place such as smith, carpenters, leatherworks, bakeries etc. There is also a quarry just to the northeast of Nabak. Nabak is, in every sense of the word, an outpost meant to support further expansion inland. A city, Lor'ikes, was founded south of the forested area as a first more permanent settlement on the new continent and to support the farms in the south.


Nabak is lightly defended with a wooden stakewall, more to hold wild animals and brigands out than defend against any organized attacks.

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Interesting article. Seeing as most farms are far away (would it not be upriver? The city is already as far down as possible at the mouth) why does the settlement not slowly move towards the food? What about resources from river and sea itself? It is very difficult to be a supporting outpost, if it is not self-supporting. Three day travel is a very considerable distance and will provide significant logistical challenge just to feed the population.   Also a forest is a great source of food and materials, even despite any danger! At least the edge can slowly be chopped down and hunters could venture into it.

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All good points! I placed it where it was mainly because of said reasons. When it was founded it was a mad land-grab and the nations needed to fortify and settle ASAP. Once they realised just how huge the forest was, that's when the problems started cropping up.   Also, this article is probably 6 years old (pre-dates Worldanvil even) so there's a fair few things in it I need to revisit and adjust, owing to my increased knowledge as a worldbuilder.   But your core point stands: It's a terrible place for an outpost. That's the core idea of it. Coupled with the strained political situation home on Arjin, lacking economy and the hostile lands of Celenia, it has sort of "stagnated" in a less-than-ideal situation that they can't truly do much about.   But there are a few things that rub me the wrong way about it and it's stuff I will adjust in the near future. For instance, the wood for the pallisades have to have come from somewhere, and they've cleared parts of the forest to make room for buildings. Why didn't they also clear SOME ground for farms?   Small stuff like that needs to be adjusted. Thanks for the input and for reinforcing my gut feeling of "This needs fixing" <3

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Hmm I think it is worth a lot to emphasize the political dimensions of it. The mad land grab and the danger of losing face could actually lead to some conflicts or some bribery to get people to stay there, instead of migrating away.

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