Morvátian Peninsula

The Morvátian Peninsula is the entire western part of Arjin stretching from Roþ's Pass (called Klaht de Roh, The Castle of Roh, in the local language of Qaj) in the east to the western islands of Kolos and Kobé.   Just like the Gimroan Basin the peninsula is bordered in the north by the Næka Mountains. The western and southern shores lead to the endless Morvátian Expanse.


The peninsula has a similar climate as the Gimroan Basin though the peninsula is slightly warmer on average, owing both to the stabilising effects of the Expanse and the slightly more southern location.   The northwestern peninsula carries the name "The Outlands" (or Pu'hleght in local language) and is mostly a marschland filled with bogs and swamps, turning to a frozen hell in winters. Not many people live here and for good reason. Surviving in these frigid lands in winter is really rough and the mönkh mand, a species of large, shaggy bears, roam these lands on hunt for food and will not hesitate to attack kykr should it be hungry enough.   Worse yet, these areas are highly populated by Dru'un. These violent and territorial animal-men make frequent raids on the settlements near the Nækan mountains and often further down into the southern lands in the peninsula.

Fauna & Flora

Plantlife isn't much different from the Gimroan Basin, seeing as the climates are quite similar. The peninsula is somewhat warmer overall, leading to some of the more temperature sensitive plants being more common here.

Natural Resources

In the northern parts of the peninsula you can find both minerals and wood in abundance. The Næka mountains are rich in copper, tin, silver and gold, but doesn't have a lot of iron this far west. The richest iron deposits are along the east coast of Arjin.   However, the western mountains are rich in silver and gold, allowing the lords and lands around them to be particularly wealthy, allowing them to trade these riches for the iron they need. The mountains near Khol-Chatal are rich in the legendary Purple Gold.


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