Mönkh Mand

Meaning "shaggy bear" in Urngut Tamgatai, the language of the Nækan mountain tribes. They're also know as "Crag Bear" to the people of the plains below.  
Mönkh Mand Cub
The mönkh mand are large, shaggy bears who bear a brownish gray fur in summer and an almost snow-white fur in winter. They are very territorial, but tend to not be aggressive unless they are defending their turf, offspring or are very hungry, in which case they'll usually attack without much provocation.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

The crag bears usually mate in early summer and cub (give birth) in very early winter. The cubs grow to adult size in about a year, after which they are considered fully adult crab bears. They however usually stay with their mother for another year before venturing out to find a mate of their own.

Ecology and Habitats

Crag bears are usually found only on high mountain plateaus where they roam the desolate landscapes in search of food and prey. They can however stray as far down as the hillsides and even down on the plains if food is very scarce in the plateaus.
26 years
Average Height
4.5 ft (135 cm) / 11 ft (3.36 m) standing up
Average Weight
1100-1600 lbs (500-700 kg)


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