Magic and Occultism

Magic and supernatural things is not something that is commonplace in Dunia. There is magic, but it is greatly feared by the Kykr as it is seen as evil and against the gods. The only magic that is commonly known of is the magic of the Fay. Their witchcraft and sorcery instills fear in the most brave of warriors and the most devout of faithful.   Magic comes in three major forms, and they are all fundamentally different from each other and carry characteristics that make them deal with different elements and effects.  


Rune-inscribed ring
This form of magic is as old as the gods themselves and it is commonly known that this power is derived entirely from the gods. Through faithful service of the gods, special individuals known as runesmiths gain ancient knowledge of runes of power and the ability to inscribe these into objects. Commonly these are found as small charms that one can carry with oneself for some benefit. The most common of such charms is a charm of Fay protection, meant to keep the Fay away and to nullify their sorcery thus keeping one safe from their evil.   The runes can do many things, but the most powerful ones are reserved for the Champions of the Gods and other important people and will very rarely be found in the hands of any commoner or adventurer. There are old artifacts with very powerful runes on them in the world, but they have in many cases been lost to time and there are only tales of their amazing power.   Inscribing runes is a terribly tedious and slow process as the runes must be made with great attention to detail and oftentimes require expensive materials to make the infusion of the rune itself. Finally, the rune will be useless unless it is made with the proper ritual, only known by the runesmiths themselves, knowledge they've gained from the gods.   Rune magic isn't magic in the eyes of the Kykr. Runes are as common to them as bread or water. It's an integral part of life and is seen as a boon from the gods or even natural law, not some heretical power gained through deals with the heinous Fay, or worse, through being a Fay-blood.  

Fay Magic

This form of magic is largely unknown among the Kykr. They know of its existence, but very few have any idea of what it is capable of doing. Fay magic is innate to the Fay themselves to such an extent that even if a Kykr knew exactly how to perform Fay magic they would not be able to as their blood is not in tune with the world, nature and fate as the Fay's are.   Fay magic is referred to as witchcraft or sorcery and is greatly feared among the Kykr. For this reason, Fay magics are used in cautionary tales for children to scare them into obedience, but are also used to make people stay out of Fay dwellings.   While Fay magic is poorly understood even by experts among the Kykr, the Fay themselves have had thousands of years to perfect the practice. Fay magic is usually, but not always, a slow process requiring a great amount of time and requires one to recite long and complex utterances to make the magic take effect. Sometimes it requires a great amount of power and must be performed in a magically strong place like a glade, a stone circle or simply a location strong in magic energy.   Fay magic is versatile in its effects, but not so much in its application. It can affect something very direct, such as shrouding a large area in thick fog or make vines move with a purpose, or it can reach beyond the world of the living and find the spirits of the dead and commune with them. But its most dangerous effects affect life and fate itself. Being cursed by a Fay is a fate many times worse than death.   There are those among the Kykr who can use Fay magic and those are the Fay-Blooded or foul-bloods as they are called. Unfortunately souls who are the product of one Fay and one Kykr. Some Fay lure the Kykr away to feed on them, but in very rare cases they can feel compassion for their victim and spare them, perhaps even leading to friend ship. Particularly the dryad, known amongst themselves as the Silfr, are common source of Fay-bloods as about 1 in 10 dryad offspring will be a half-blood Kykr rather than a dryad. Needless to say, these poor souls are persecuted by their fellow Kykr as abominations of evil, and the Fay themselves cast them out as being outsiders.  


Consumed by Nina Lanfer
Called mysticism by its practitioners and occultism by everyone else, shade magic is a very new kind of magic previously unknown and stems from a horrible realm beyond our own.   The act of mysticism is to breach the veil to the Shadow Realm, pull energy out of it and bend it to your will. This form of magic takes a hard toll on its user and will often corrupt, mutate and deform them, turning them into shadowy remnants of themselves. Even the lightest usage of shadow energy will begin affecting the user, turning them selfish, callous and evil over time.   The power of shadow magic is not to be underestimated however. It is very powerful and not a lot can stand against it. It's destructive power is unrivaled and it seems to be every bit as versatile as the cursed Fay magic, but able to be performed within seconds, at the whim of the mystic.   For this reason, mystics are shunned and in some cases even actively persecuted by the faithful as mysticism is seen as an affront to the gods and a way to bring pure evil into the world. Even the followers of Grísta will find mysticism to be "too far".
Metaphysical, Supernatural
Runesmithing - Celestial / Divine
Fay Magic - Witchcraft
Shade Magic - Occultism

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