The Maakh'matlh, meaning "Friend of the Sea" in Qaj, is a Khob designed kogg, a fast cargo vessel. The Maakh'matlh is somewhat legendary because it is the ship that Totlhej Chel'ej and his crew were using when they discovered the continent of Celenia.

Blown far off course in a terrible storm upon Endirsær, the raging sea, the Maakh'matlh sought shelter between the cliffs of the northen coast of Celenia. A small fjord stretched towards land that protected the ship from the terrible wind and waves. It was here that they realised they had discovered new lands as they could see ruins of a lost city on land.

Totlhej and his crew made landfall in the ruined harbor of the city. Driven by curiousity, they explored the area and found it to be rich in artifacts, resources and have decent protection from a dilapitated wall. Rather than continue his career as a cargo captain, Totlhej decided to plant his flag and stake out this land for himself and his crew. He founded Khobon Pes'Maakh, Khobon beyond the sea, in the ruins of the city. Today, it is a thriving trade port and the heart of the Mek'lekam Trade Federation.


The Maakh'matlh is a kogg, so it has a single mast, an upper deck and a lower deck with two access hatches on the upper deck to access the cargo deck below. The Matlh also feature a larger structure in the aft that house a couple of cabins, in particular the captain's cabin as well as a small situation room where the officers can confer with one another.

The kogg is a modern, sleek and fast vessel compared to other nation's ships. The Khobon Federation is the most skilled and advanced ship builders in the world and the kogg is a relatively recent design. It is a wide, flat-bottomed ship with high sides, allowing the ship to carry lots of cargo, but remaining stable on the ocean as well as when loading and unloading in harbor. In spite of it's width, the kogg is a very fast vessel, easily outpacing any other ship not built specifically for speed.


Totlhej Chel'ej was a successful sea-captain for decades before becoming the founder of a new nation on Celenia. He captained the Maakh'matlh for countless trade trips around the world. The Matlh served primarily as a cargo vessel transporting whatever people paid to have transported, but captain Chel'ej prefered trade trips to the eastern lands of Naréin above all else, and it was on one of those trips that he and his crew got lost in a storm, ending up on the northern coast of Celenia.

It turns out that this were to be the last journey of the Matlh. She spent five years anchored in the harbor of Khobon pes'maakh before it was decided that she was to be dismantled, and her resources used elsewhere. Totlhej was no longer a sea-captain, but a governor. A leader. He had a city, a trade guild and a budding nation to look after. He needed no personal ships for that.

Friendship (Matlh)
Owning Organization
21 meters
63 meters
27 meters
8 knots
Complement / Crew

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30 Sep, 2021 18:28

But was no part of the ship saved as a monument or keepsake? The mast converted to a flagpole, perhaps with sail sized flags, or the figurehead, if there was one?

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Nice article :D was the ship still used for a return voyage, or if not how did they send word back that they had found a new land? And is there any reason none else had found Celenia before that (like it was really a terrible storm), or did they find it but word did not spread/they did not come back?

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That's a good point. One that I had completely forgot about. I assume they did, but once he had decided to declare independency, the ship was sailed back and left in port before being disassembled.

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