Ley Network

The Ley Network, named so from a vekjan word meaning "life", is an invisible network of natural energies that link powerful nodes together. The fay rely on this network to sustain themselves and if isolated from it, they wither and die within days or weeks.


A witch wanting to perform her craft will need to access this energy network, usually through rituals and tools, but sometimes through sheer willpower. Fay-Blooded people have a much weaker connection to the ley network and must use tools and complex rituals to do what fay can do with a thought.

Being close to a strong "river" of ley can help a witch perform their ritual, and being on an intersection of multiple ley lines, called a node, can significantly empower the witch. Some rituals are so difficult that they are virtually impossible to perform for a non-fay witch unless they are on such a node.

Alternative name
River of Life
Metaphysical, Arcane

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23 Jul, 2020 10:04

I love the alternate name of the 'river of life', especially as fay would wither and die if they stray too far from the ley network. Really adds a nice layer to your world. :)

23 Jul, 2020 13:05

I'm glad you like it. I was kinda happy with that particular connection too. It was half an accident, half planned, as I had planned for "Ley" to be "life" in Vekja, but the whole "river of life" thing happened by accident as I was composing the article.   If you're interested in what happens to a fay who is forcefully removed from the Ley network, there's a short story in this article.

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