As far as is known, the Kwugra were a race of short and stubby creatures who lived primarily underground in giant "mountainhomes", great caverns carved out by these master stoneshapers. They could build gigantic fortresses within the rock of the mountain with elaborate mazes and traps to protect them from outside influence.   It is not known when and how the Kwugra became extinct. It has been deciphered from ancient Kwugran texts that they attempted to do something "fun", which involved making an elaborate system of screw-pumps and floodgates to bring magma from underneath the mountain up to their forges in the upper mountain. It would appear that this project either failed or never came to fruition as their mountain halls now echo empty with neither Kwugra, nor magma in them.   There are journals who are believed to be dated from after this project was to be undertaken, but since the Kwugra way of counting time hasn't been fully understood, it could be dated to before the date of the grand project. In this journal the whole project is dismissed with great disdain by the author, calling it a "stupid Kwugra trick".

Basic Information


Kwugra were exceptionally short, standing less than 3'6'' (~1 meter) but being unusually stout and wide. From engravings in the abandoned mountainhomes it can be determined that most, if not all, Kwugra wore great beards that were often adorned with rings and bands of what appears to be precious metals. Some also had braided beards and hair.

Ecology and Habitats

From what is understood about the mountainhomes one can draw the conclusion that the Kwugra could either see in complete darkness or had some way of generating light without fire, because no shafts have been found to ventilate the spaces they lived in, which would've meant that unless they could create smokeless fire, their halls would be filled with toxic smoke within hours.   The only ventilated places found are their forges, understandably as the temperatures needed to forge any metal would require fires that were continually stoked, producing a lot of smoke.

Additional Information

Social Structure

As far as what has been gleaned from deciphered Kwugran journals and notes, they had an intricate social structure with very demanding and posh nobles at the top, often coming with ridiculous requests for production, and a middle strata of master craftsmen, where unusually the brewer was considered incredibly respected. At the bottom were a strata of loiterers and commoners whose only job was to carry stuff around the mountainhomes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mountainhomes have only been found on Kolos and Kobé. The largest found is Koganusân.
Scientific Name
Average Height
3'6'' (~1 meter)
Average Weight
Unknown (estimated 60-80 lbs / ~40 kg)

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A kwugra mountainhome on the island of Kolos.


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