Hilly Heaths

The Hilly Heaths lie on the northeastern coast of Celenia, the new continent discovered far to the south of Arjin. It is a wide stretch of land between the cliffs of the northern coast down to the foot of the mountain ridge that splits the land in two. While the area is large and mostly undefended, the Sovereign Principality of Irdárina lays claim to the whole region.

The Hilly Heaths sounds serene and fascinating, but I'll tell you this: that place will kill you if you're not careful. The bogs down in the southern marshlands are packed with horrible monsters thirsty for your blood and the mosquitoes, by the gods, the mosquitoes! The only remotely pleasant part are the northern fields. Stay away from everything else!


The Heaths are a large area and starts at the tall cliffs that make up Celenia's northeastern coastline and falls into a lowland before rising again to meet the foothills of the Spinal Ridge. Most of the lowlands are covered in sparse forests that grow on the marshlands, but the northern fields are fertile and many farmers have built their homes here, far from the dangerous forests. The kykr have always been wary of the forests on account of the fay, but the marshlands of the Heaths hold even worse monsters than fay.


The largest settlement in the Heaths is Vogh Darek, the outpost of the Irdárians and they lay claim to the entire region, from the unnamed river in the west to Pearl Lake in the east. Beyond the lake lies the Shadowmark, an area populated by nothing short of nightmares. No one lays claim to that cursed land.

With Nabak lying just a couple of days' travel to the west of the Heaths, Khamad has a vested interest in the area as well, but the Misty Moor separates them from the Heaths, making traversal dangerous. That leaves a sort of "no-man's land" between the Moor and the western river, where no one has the capability to lay claim, but still does on paper.

Flora and fauna

Flora and fauna in the Heaths are reminiscent of the Gimroan Basin, with primarily coniferous trees and a similar animal life. But, like most places on Celenia, it is also populated by a rich and diverse menagerie of horrible monsters. The wildlife of Celenia is far more brutal than that of Arjin, where most overly aggressive or dangerous fauna have been made extinct. Here, on Celenia, they've been allowed to flourish for what appears to be millenia.


Celenia, overall, is incredibly rich in resources. There are mineral deposits in the mountains, rivers and sediments, the soil is fertile and the ancient ruins that litter the landscape are a tresure trove of old technology, history and cultural discovery. It is no wonder why the nations flock to this place to stake their claim on these riches.

The Hilly Heaths in particular have long stretches of fertile soil in the northern fields, and ample supplies of peat and certain minerals in the marshlands to the south. With the exception of the western peninsula, this is one of the most valuable places on all of Celenia, as far the kykr are aware.


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