Gimroan Basin

The cradle of civilisation

The Gimroan basin stretches from Roþ's Pass in the west and the east coast towards Endirsær. It is bordered in the north by the giant mountain range of Næka and the Great Plains in the south.   The river Rauga (also known as Kaunatep) is the official southern border of the Gimroan Basin, even if the river itself and a few miles around it is claimed by the Kingdom of Bengeirr.


The Gimroan basin is a fertile, forested plainsland, dotted by great grass fields and farmland. In the north, closest to the mountains, it is densely forested by coniferous forests thriving in the chilling mountain winds.   The fields south of these forests are largely covered by farmland for as long as the eyes can see, dotted by small, tended deciduous forests.   In the furthest south it is almost entirely covered with forests, only having small patches of farmland surrounding the cities of the Kingdom of Bengeirr.

Fauna & Flora

The climate of the basin is cold temperate, meaning that most of the plants in the region have evolved to deal with hot summers and several feet of snow in the winters. Plants are commonly sturdy and enduring plants that bloom in the late summer and then either die off after blooming or enter a hibernation state during the winter.   Animals range from small rodent-like creatures, through mid-sized grazers up to the pinnacle of predators, the gimroan plainswolf. The animals are well adapted to the climate and most of them survive both summer and winter through shedding extra fur during spring.

Natural Resources

The vast lands of the Gimroan basin is incredibly fruitful and the bountiful forests are proof of that. As such, you find a lot of farmlands spread across the basin, producing vast amounts of grain that's being exported to every country around the world.   There's also rich mineral deposits in the mountainous lands in the north allowing those who control it to mine silver, iron, copper and other valuable minerals. The richest iron mines are near the eastern shores, while gold and silver is more common further west.   In the Spineridge, the mountain range in the southern basin, one can find rich deposits of gold, tin and silver allowing the lords here to become rich from exploiting and exporting these valuables.


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