The gimroan culture is really something of a meta-culture. It's more a collection of ethnicities and cultures that share a common ancestry. The gimroan consist of Arnian, Bengerian, Kfandrian, Sjórón and Maróan people.   These people share a common ancestry, language and religion and while there are differences between the three people, they are still bound by these common traits.


Major language groups and dialects

The majority of the gimroan people speak Ósleiðr as their primary language, but depending on locality there are those who are fluent in either Qaj or Nahut as well. Among traders it's common for speakers of Kibon as well.

Shared customary codes and values

Gimroan culture is built upon the tenets of Liðr Lys but its practitioners may have different interpretations of its teachings of justice and balance. These values mean that, in general, gimroans are respectful and just towards one another, but those that break the social code, or worse; the law, are treated very harshly as they are considered to have broken holy commandments.   As such gimroan countries tend to be very pleasant places where people who fit in and behave are treated very generously and kindly, and criminals and deviants are treated cruelly and harshly. As such, gimroan culture tends to be very stable and prosperous, but also quite authoritarian.


Beauty Ideals

Among gimroans beauty is an almost metaphysical concept. While physical beauty is certainly a biological concept that everyone is familiar with, gimroans tend to put a lot of weight upon mental faculties. Intelligence, eloquence and fairness are all traits that attract a gimroan moreso than any physical beauty.   A person who is fair, just, logical and well spoken has great opportunity to find a suitable mate and would be considered a very attractive choice.

Gender Ideals

With their high focus on justice and balance, gimroans favor equality in all things, or at the very least balance in all things. There are not many differences between the duties and rights that genders need to adhere to. Both are given roughly the same treatment in gimroan societies, with few exceptions. One of the more stand-out examples is the Kingdom of Bengeirr where women are not allowed to be ruling queens, but must have a king who is then the highest authority.

Courtship Ideals

Gimroan courting is fairly straightforward but slow. Traditionally it involves a long period of flirting and talking, moving on to promenades and eating together. Gimroans are also required to openly announce to their families that they are "dating". It is not binding, as would be a betrothal, but it is a far more public and formal deal than modern day dating would be.   The two "Companions", as they are called, are encouraged to explore each other as much as possible. They are required to talk a lot to learn about each other, improve each other and also to explore one's physical compatibility. In many cultures pre-marital sexual relations would be frowned upon, but in gimroan cultures it's natural for teenagers to explore this aspect as well.   Fraternizing with someone outside of this public companionship is highly frowned upon, however, and two people engaging in sexual relations outside of any outspoken companionship or bond is considered to be highly inappropriate and indecent.

Relationship Ideals

Gimroans are a people raised and taught in the erianist ideals, and as such they're very equal and focused on balance and justice. For this reason they're generally fairly equal in relationships with men and women enjoying the same rights and duties, with no one being above the other.
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