Frigid North

The Frigid North is a vast, cold region of Arjin that lies north of the Næka Mountains. It consists largely of uninhabitable, deep coniferous forests populated by dangerous fay. The Kykr have few, if any, settlements here.

On the east coast of Arjin lies the Blood Coast owned by the Khobon Federation. Since the Khobonians live mostly on the sea, they are left alone by the fay, but there are still occasional skirmishes and disappearances in the villages and towns near the forest's edge.

The Kykr have little interest in the region, aside from the vast quantities of logging wood. The coniferous forests are endless, but harvesting the trees would not only be dangerous because of the cold, but also because of the fay who live there. In addition, shipping the wood home would either require passing through the Nækan Passage or risk transporting the wood through the forests to the Crimson Straits and shipping by sea. Neither are attractive options.

The Winterweald

Across the Crimson Straits, that freeze solid in winter, lies the enormous forest of the Winterweald, said to be the homeland of all fay. Rising like a lone spire amidst this endless forest is the mountain Ayla's Peak, an unfathomably tall mountain. Legends claim that the fay godess Ayla resides here.

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