The Fenera is an organization or group of divines who do oppose the Kykr divines, the Irsi and Sivan.

Much smaller in number than the Irsi and Sivan, the Feneran gods survive through subterfuge, illusion, deception and cunning.

One true god

While both the Irsi and the Sivan have large numbers of fully fledged divines, the Fenerans are far fewer in number. It's even speculated that only Ayla herself is an actual divine and that she rules the Fenera alone.

The Inu

With Ayla being a divine inside Dunia, she serves under the same rules as the others. She is not allowed to directly interfere in mortal affairs or history, but she is allowed champions. In difference from the others, she chose a great many number of champions, elevating the entire species of the Inuelweri to the rank of divine champions in her name.

Through her divine power, they serve as demigods, the ruling caste of the Fay. Their power born of hers, as it is with all her subjects. While the Irsi and Sivan have granted only a few individuals the rank of champion and only bestow their divine power on a small number of people through divine runes, Ayla has given her people the gift of witchcraft.

The Feneiran Magic

Vastly different than the divine runes of the Irsi and Sivans, the powers bestowed to the fay by their goddess is nontheless powerful and tied to the living force of life itself. Tied to nature through the Ley Network, each fay is capable of weilding it, but through it they are also bound to this power. Without it, they wither and die.

Bane of Witches

It's a well known fact that iron hurts the fay more than anything else. It burns their skin on contact and with long enough exposure, they develop actual burns and blisters where they have contacted the metal. Another effect iron has is that it disrupts their connection to the leylines, effectively severing their tie to their magic and their life force. A fay who is bound by iron will die within only a few weeks, as if the very life was drained from them.

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