Etlha [ɛtɬa], meaning "First faith" or "The first of faith" in Qaj, is a title used worldwide for missionaries, priors and other religious messengers sent from one religion into another area in order to support, convert or preach to the people of that area. Ethla are blessed by their respective gods to have acquired supernatural abilities meant to wow the people and help spread the word of their faith.


The main purpose of the ethla is to spread and support the faith of their respective god. They function both as a keeper of the faith, like a religious police force and as missionaries into territories with differing faith.

While they possess no legal power, neither mundane nor religious, they can work as the "voice of god" to keep the faithful in line. They can also report on blasphemy, lack of devotion and the activities of hostile ethla to the religious headquarters.


The status and power granted to etlha is not given to just anyone who asks for it. Because of the power an etlha holds over the faithful through their preaching and example, only the most devoted individuals are chosen. In many areas, the etlha are little more than fanatics and some can get just a bit too overzealous in their "guidance".


Abilities vary greatly with which god the etlha foloows, but it usually involves humanitarian abilities such as the ability to cure the sick, feed the starving and ward off the fay in the area. Some higher ranking or more devoted etlha may also gain the ability to smite the unfaithful, or "defend the devoted", as they would put it. These etlha possess the power to inflict harm, pain and pestilence upon those they find deserving of it.


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