The Tranquility (They/Them)

Eihmarmi is a strange deity. They are most commonly associated with the Irsi, but frequently have dealings with the Sivan as well. Sexless and genderless, Eihmarmi is often not even depicted having a physical body. Eihmarmi is mostly depicted as a ray of light or a wisp of cloud, but when they manifest, they always take the shape of the one who speaks to them. In a crowd of people, Eihmarmi will show their most popular form; a blue-skinned Illim, both man and woman, with the lower body being composed of either smoke, light or a trail of shining lights. The Eihmarmi physical form is neither man, nor woman, yet both at the same time. A beholder will perceive the shape they most connect with, be it either, neither or both.

Eihmarmi is the god of Tranquility and Peace. While many would consider this meaning that they are a pacifist, this is far from the truth. Eihmarmi cares little for the events of the world. The peace and tranquility they harness is peace of mind and inner sanctity. For this reason, Eihmarmi is a popular deity for those who seek inner enlightenment through study, meditation or martial ascension. Clear, presence of mind.

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