Court of the Inuelweri

The Court of the Inu is the location and organization that rule the Fay across the world. Every Fay everywhere is under the protection of the King of Fay, Thaáltanassar. Thaáltanassar and his court is comprised of him and him alone.   The Court has several rules and rituals in place to allow any Fay from anywhere to approach the Court and make an appeal about something. All requests of all kind are handled here but the most common being conflicts between Fay species where one is a prey species of another. The prey species often come to seek the help of the king to protect them from the predator. The king generally solves such conflicts by stating that nature is nature and that if one does not wish to be preyed upon, one must grow smarter.   The king of the court has absolute authority over any Fay anywhere and he uses his people, the Inuelweri, as diplomats, messengers and negotiators. The Inu have become a symbol of authority and of the king's presence and power.
Court, Royal
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Controlled Territories

Character flag image: Thaálthanassar Seal by William Grönroos


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