The Chieftain (Bej in Qaj) is a title that exists mainly with Ghoj'Sap Tah territories, such as the Morvátian Peninsula. The chieftain is the head of a house and is usually the oldest, most prestigious or knowledgeable person of a single house. Both men and women can become chieftains.


Simply being the eldest, most powerful or most prestigious of a house allows one to be the chieftain.


Normally the eldest child of the current ruling chieftain is expected to succeed upon the chieftains death.


The chieftain is expected to take all the grand decisions regarding the house and is the utmost responsibility for the behaviour or house members. If a house member is misbehaving, it is expected that the chieftain deals with them.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A chieftain can generally only be removed or dismissed from a house if they have grossly dishonored themselves, but in the cultures where this title is used, the holder of the title will most likely commit suicide out of dishonor. Very few chieftains have been dismissed, as they will generally have killed themselves before dismissal becomes an option.

Cultural Significance

The title of chief does generally not carry any weight outside of the cultural areas where the title is recognized, and even within this culture, one would have to measure the chiefs importance as compared to ones own.

Notable Holders

Katley of Ronvaj
Nogh of Kur
Nobility, Household
Alternative Naming
Equates to
Difficult to place as even a chieftain of a destitute house is still a chieftain, but generally similar to other cultures "elder" or barons.
Source of Authority
The source of authority comes from tradition, and from the house.
Length of Term
Generally for life.
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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