The champions of the gods are incredibly skilled and powerful individuals, chosen by the gods themselves. Like Runesmiths, these individuals are the instrument of the gods and their lives are consumed by their duty to the gods. Often warriors of great strength and skill, but not always, they are amplified by powerful, unique runes and blessings from the gods.   They operate outside and above the law and any government with the authority of the gods. They are universally seen as the hands of the gods and their authority is almost always recognized with severe consequences if they are denied.   The champions often wield weapons too large and too heavy for normal people to wield effectively, as well as wearing thick, strong, nigh impenetrable armors. These armors, like the weapons, are too heavy for mortals to wear for long.   These individuals are blessed with great strength and power by the gods, both directly and through their runes. The armors are as much a protection as it is a counterweight to their enlarged weapons.

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