Central Steppes

A part of the Great Plains stretching from the river Kaunatep in the north down to the Kimaran Desert.   Largely a desolate place only populated by scattered tribes of nomads and dangerous animals.


Kimaru Prairie
The central steppes are, as can be gleaned from the name, primarily steppelands dominated by vast grass fields and very few trees. The trees that can be found are generally near rivers or other water sources, growing in small groves around the water. In the northern steppes there are really only vast grass plains and shrublands with nary a hill nor tree in sight.   These prairies hold the majority of the static settlements in all of Kimaru as it is the most arable and fertile of the whole area and there is still relatively easy access to water sources. The temperature isn't overly hot and the area is considered mostly temperate, although the winters are quite mild and the summers quite hot.  
As one travels further south a more rocky region dominates with great plainslands of sand, earth and dry shrubs and bushes. This region is very hot and dry, making any farming difficult. It is characterized by great rocky mesas sticking out of the dirt and form natural watchtowers, as the region otherwise is very flat, making these mesas perfect vantage points.   Most people who live here are hunters or stockmen (raising and traveling with their herds of livestock) as farming is very difficult in this region.

Fauna & Flora

Plantlife is abundant but not very varied in these areas. Most of the land is covered in different types of grass, small shrubs and short bush-like trees. A more varied plantlife can be found near water, as it's more hospitable to plantlife.   Animal life is far more varied, being home to a wide range of birds, ranging from small insect-hunters to larger birds of prey and scavengers. There are also an abundance of rodents who live off of ground-dwelling insects and burrowing insects.   Among some larger animals we find jackals, foxes and some feline species of predators. They live primarily off of birds and rodents, but some of the larger wolf species also hunt the grazers who roam these lands in great herds.   The grazers are primarily oxen, deer and goats. While the oxen and deer live mostly on the flat ground, the goats are usually found roaming the hillsides and the steep sides of the mesas.

Natural Resources

There isn't much of value in these lands, aside from grass and a few rare plants that can only be found here. Those who live here do not live here because of riches or vast wealth, but because they enjoy the freedom away from the feudal strife up north.   These are lands of free-thinkers and free spirits who band together in small nomad tribes and will not be ordered around or enslaved by anyone.   In some areas, particularly the more rocky ones, you can find both silver and gold in relative abundance, but most of it is mined and exploited by the Kimaran Basiners. They send great groups of slaves and slavedrivers up to these lands and mine the gold and silver from the mesas and transport it either through the desert on great caravans, but mostly by flatboats down the river and to the sea, from where it is transported south to the Basin lands.
Alternative Name(s)
The Plainslands, The Great Prairie
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