The Shadow Lands

Celenia is a recently discovered continent about a month and half by ship southeast of Arjin. The northern shores are mostly sharp, towering cliffs, but there are smaller nooks and crannies where one can get a ship in and several nations have constructed harbors in more accessible places along the northern coast, in order to supply the recently founded settlements on the continent.   Celenia is a vastly different environment than Arjin, filled with weird and terrifying flora and fauna and dotted with ruins from a long lost civilization.


Celenia is dominated by a large, towering mountain chain that stretches from the southwest to the east, right across the entire continent, and the formation of which likely formed the entire continent.   This mountain splits the eastern continent in half, forming the Hilly Heaths in the north and the Barren Plains in the south. At the very farthest east, there's a mountain cleft called Ragnacleft which is an area infested by vicious beasts and murderous fauna.   The nothern heaths and moorlands are relatively pleasant and house most of the settlements and villages on Celenia, stretching all the way from the western coast to the eastern coast, dotted with forests, rivers and the occasional "no go" zones like the Shadowmark and the Foggy Moor.   The western peninsula is very large and consists mainly of open plains, a gigantic, ancient forest called the Endless Growth in the middle of it and the northern parts of it is called the Westmark and the south simply called the Southern Lands. The entire eastern shore is an enormous cliff, as the mountain range turns sharply south just at the beginning of Westmark and forms the eastern shore. At the base of the mountains there's a darkened, hostile area called the Shadowmire.   Of note is that the entire western peninsula is home to an almost unending amount of ruins of villages, cities and temples.

Fauna & Flora

Both flora and fauna on Celenia seems to come in three major forms: Natural, Corrupted and Shadow.   The natural fauna is many times notably larger and more aggressive than Arjin fauna, and the plants seem to have followed suit, with an unusual amount of large, carnivorous plants dotting the landscape. The animals on the continent don't seem to differ that much from Arjin, having roughly similar biological spread and similar food chains.   The corrupted lifeforms are similar to their natural brethren, but have grown darker pigmentation, elongated teeth, fangs, claws and some have even grown spikes on their bodies. They are all genuinely evil and hostile to anything and everything around them. They seem utterly mad and impossible to tame. Many of them have gained new abilities as well, some almost supernatural.   One instance would be the Nightmare Fox. Seemingly a normal fox, whose fur has grown darkish blue and purple with glowing red eyes, large fangs and lethal claws. The nightmare foxes hunt by drawing upon the lifeforce of other beings, simply by projecting an aura of dread, horror and madness around it, relatively rapidly driving every sentient being in an area around it stark raving mad. Most victims of the nightmare fox will end their own life given enough time, but if not, they will simply drop dead when the fox has finished feeding on their energies.   The final form of life on Celenia is the Shadow Beasts, the Shadow Demons or simply Demons. These monsters do not seem to stem from this world at all, and are generally found in and near the ruins of the old civilization, as well as in the corrupted zones. They are often large, strong, swift and wholly alien to everything else. They are sort of insect like in appearance, having a tough exoskeleton protecting them, sharp claws and mandibles. Other variants are clearly insect like, being larvae or maggotlike in appearance. These beasts are cunning and dangerous and very few have faced a shadow demon and survive to tell the tale.

Natural Resources

Celenia is rich in forests and arable land. The mountains are also rich in various minerals and rock types useful for construction.


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The New Land, The Shadowlands
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