The Shadow Lands

Celenia lies about a month and a half by ship to the south of the Kykr homelands of Arjin. It was discovered about 30 years ago and with reports of abundant resources, old ruins and acres upon acres of land, the nations of Arjin tripped over themselves to conquer this new land and make it their own.

"It's overrated, I tell ya. They describe this place like it has rivers flowing of gold, you pick gems off of trees and you sneeze at seeds and they grow to full bloom. It's all just filthy lies. Sure, there's some arable land here, and I hear the mountains are rich in metals, but you know what the don't tell you about? The brimmin' monsters! Every shadow, every forest, every tiny little bush is full of filth that wants you dead!"
— A Celenan settler

Significance and discovery

The story of how Celenia was discovered is well known. A Khob merchant captain by the name of Totlhej Chel'ej left the Ordo ports, bound for Naréin when he was lost in a storm upon the Raging Sea and ended up months off course, far to the south of Arjin.

Captain Chel'Ej and the ruins

He and his crew landed on the northeastern shores of Celenia, taking cover from the raging storm in the natural bay near the ruins of an old Ithonai city. Finding the ruins and the nearby land full of interesting artefacts of a long lost civilisation and natural resources.

Totlhej made the decision to scrap his planned merchant trip and use the available resources and parts of the old ruins to start building an outpost on top of the ruins. Thanks to the existing ruined walls and defensive structures, the outpost was well protected from the monsters of Celenia, and once word reached the homelands of his discovery, the Khobon Federation moved to settle the land and establish a political foothold. It did not turn out the way they had planned.

Khobon beyond the Sea

Totlhej would have nothing of it. He refused to allow the Khobonian delegation to set foot in the outpost, stating that while he once sailed under the federate flag, this outpost was now sovereign ground, no longer held to federation law.

He called it "Khobon Pesh'maakh", loosely translated to "Khobon Beyond the Sea" and placed himself as sole ruler. Thanks to his significant economic assets, he was able to hire hundreds of able-bodied workers to help establish the outpost as a significant presence.


Officially, the Khobon Federation lays claim to the outpost and all the land around it, but in practice, it is an independent outpost ran by Governor Chel'ej with its own trade agreements and law. Khobon, however, attempts to play this off as political squabble and acts, on all accounts, as if the outpost is Khobonian ground.

Whether this is greed or desperation to save face isn't quite clear, but it's definitely one of the two, possibly both.


Celenia is both similar to and utterly different than Arjin. It is filled to the brim with alien fauna and flora, weird and terrifying vistas and hundreds of ruins of a thousands of years long lost civilisation.

Eerie familiarity

"You'd think you'd gotten lost and made it back home if you didn't know any better. Well, at least until you see some horrific monstrosity lurking in the forest, that is."
— A Celenan settler

But it's not so different that one can't be fooled as to which continent you are on. The basic flora is strongly reminiscent of the northern Gimroan Basin, with primarily cold-hardened plants and trees such as pines and other coniferous trees and winter-survivable plants.

The Lurking Shadows

However, do not be fooled into thinking that Celenia is a proper place to take your family for a vacation. It is a deadly place with horrific monsters lurking in every shadow, and with the shadowscars dotting the landscape, it is a dangerous place to travel.

But we'll get to those in a bit.

The vast regions

On the whole, Celenia is dominated by a large, towering mountain chain that stretches from the southwest to the east, splitting the continent in a northern and a southern part. This mountain range is likely the basis for the entire continent.


  • Celenia
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497 ÞS by Totlhej Chel'ej
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The New World
The Shadowlands
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A shadow scar is an area of the continent of Celenia where Shade, the energies of the shadow realm, has leaked through the veil and corrupted the surroundings beyond recognition. Dangerous, dark and populated by monsters, there are few reasons to go there

The two worlds

The mountain, creatively dubbed the "Spinal Ridge", reminiscent of the Spineridge of Arjin, splits the eastern part of Celenia in two halves. Both are fertile, arable lands, but reaching the Hilly Heaths in the north is far easier than and the oddly dubbed Barren Plains in the south.

The plains are anything but barren, at least for the first few hundred kilometers, with vast grasslands stretching out over a seemingly endless plainsland. Further south through the plains it gradually turns into a cold landscape that never quite lets go of winter. At the southernmost coast, it's akin to a tundra with the frost never fully thawing even in summer. These parts of the plains are far less friendly to farming.

The origin of civlisation?

At the very farthest east of Celenia there's a mountain cleft infested by vicious beasts and murderous fauna. The whole cleft is a shadowscar that not only is dark in and of itself, but lies in the shadow of the two mountain ranges that disappear into the sea beyond. It's discoverers named it Ragnacleft and it holds great allure to explorers and scholars alike. But it is a dangerous and deadly place to explore. It is believed that this cleft was the heart of the Ithonair's civilisation, judging from the many ruins of huge cities found here.

The western peninsula

The western peninsula, better known as Westmark, is large and consists mainly of open plains. A gigantic, ancient forest called the Endless Growth lies at the heart of the peninsula and forms the border between the more pleasant Westmark and the Bleak Tundra in the south.

The entire eastern shore is an enormous cliff, as the Spinal Ridge makes a sharp southern turn just at the beginning of Westmark and forms the eastern shore. At the base of the mountain there's a darkened, hostile shadowscar called the Shadowmire.

The Thousand Ruins

Of note is that the entire western peninsula is home to an almost unending amount of ruins of villages, cities and temples. The Ithonair had spread across the entire continent, building hundreds if not thousands of villages, cities and temples across the lands. They all now only remain as a foggy, unclear window into the past.

The Shadowscars

Main Article: Shadowscar

The landscape of Celenia is dotted with both small and large areas of land that is wholly alien. Dark, shadowy regions of land that seem like they belong to an entirely different world or perhaps have suffered some form of horrific mutation or corruption.

The scars are dangerous and toxic to people, flora and fauna alike and the kykr do their very best to avoid them at all cost, save for the few scholars who attempt to uncover their secrets. Particularly since they envelop the largest and best preserved ruins of the Ithonair civilisation, they make for enticing exploration targets.

Flora and fauna

Both flora and fauna on Celenia seems to come in three major forms: Natural, Corrupted and Shadow.


The natural fauna is many times notably larger and more aggressive than Arjin fauna, and the plants seem to have followed suit with an unusual amount of large, carnivorous plants dotting the landscape. The animals on the continent don't seem to differ that much from Arjin, having roughly similar biological spread and similar food chains.


The corrupted lifeforms are similar to their natural brethren, but have grown a darker pigmentation, elongated teeth, fangs, claws and some have even grown spikes on their bodies. They are all genuinely evil and hostile to anything and everything around them, except other corrupted beasts. They seem utterly mad and impossible to tame. Many of them have gained new, horrifyingly supernatural abilities. These corrupted beasts and flora are most often found in and around the shadowscars.

The Fox of Nightmares

One instance of this corruption would be the Nightmare Fox. Seemingly a normal fox, whose fur has grown dark blue and purple, with glowing red eyes, large fangs and lethal claws. The nightmare foxes hunt by drawing upon the lifeforce of other beings. They project an aura of dread, horror and madness around them, driving every sapient, and perhaps sentient, being in an area around them stark raving mad over the course of only a few days. The fox appears to feed off of the terror exuded by the victim and most victims of the nightmare fox will end their own life given enough time. But if they are prevented from doing so or manage to resist the horrors, they will eventually drop dead, drained of life.

The Shadow

The final form of life on Celenia is the Shadebeasts. These monsters do not seem to stem from Dunia at all, and are only ever found in and near the ruins of the old civilization, deep inside the shadowscars. They are large, strong, swift and wholly alien to everything else. They are sort of insect-like in appearance, having a tough exoskeleton protecting them, with sharp claws and mandibles. Other variants are clearly insect like, being larvae or maggotlike in appearance. These beasts are cunning and dangerous and very few have faced a shadow demon and survived to tell the tale.

Major Settlements

"You'd think with all the squabbles, wars and inbreeding going on back home, the empires would have no possible resources to spend on colonizing a new world. Jokes on you! Guess who gets to bear the brunt of that investment? Oh, you're right alright! The serfs, of course. The lords just tax us harder in order to make even more riches off beyond the oceans. But don't tell anyone I said that!"
— A Kfandrian merchant.

The various nations of Arjin have all set up outposts on the continent. Some on their own, some in cooperation with other nations. It is a singificant economic investment to settle the new world and not every nation was able to afford it, or even cared enough to do it.

The Empire of Kfandr

The Kfandr Empire was late to the table and founded their outpost of Útsær deep inside the Westmark after having established a foothold with the port town of Tugrimr on the northwestern coast.

Thanks to significant economic and military investment, Útsær is one of the largest and most profitable outposts on the continent, in spite of it's relative young age.

The Gold of Bengeirr

"Whenever a Bengerian smells profit, everything else fades" goes the saying, and with the news of the Celenan discovery, this was more obvious than ever before. The Bengerian nobility stumbled over each other to be the first to be able to mount an expedition to the new world, but the Roþgar Family, with the support of their king, was leagues ahead and founded the outpost of Viðhirm at the mouth of the river separating the Westmark from the Katlhan Strip.

The Khamadian Kingdom

Khamad was one of the first to settle the new world, landing in the central waist of Celenia, near the river opening in the Dim Grove. Their outpost, Nabak was built in cooperation with the kingdom of Fodjan, their small protectorate. It is small and struggling and have been under constant attack by local monsters and farmers have trouble staying safe in the lands south of the grove. The keep Lor'ikes was built to fight this. The Khamadians lay claim to the Katlhan Strip.

The Irdárian Principality

The Sovereign Principality of Irdárina has one of the most prestigious and militarily strong outposts on the entire continent. Vogh Darek lies in the northeastern Hilly Heaths and is being built with stone from nearby ruins. It already has two city walls protecting the inner city, where the Irdárian 40 Houses have their enclaves and the outer city where merchants and lesser houses build their warehouses, stores and homes.

The Kharamôran

The Kharamôr city states are far too busy trying either to conquer or outsplendour one another to make a serious effort to stake any claim to Celenia. A few tribes have gone together to find a foothold, but with the northern coast being solidly claimed by the major northern empires and kingdoms, they found solace on the southern shores instead. A stark contrast from their lush jungles and scorching deserts, Itumata is a Kharamôran port city on the coast of the Barren Plains, with two smaller villages having been founded further up the coast.

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