Blood Coast

The Red Sea

The Blood Coast, so named after the red sands and reddish waters of the sea is an area on the northeastern coast of Arjin, bordering the Winterweald. The area is extraordinarily rich in iron and the sediments both on the beaches themselves and the bottoms of the ocean are packed with it, giving it its characteristic reddish hue.


The Blood Coast is a mix of rocky and sandy coast. There are occasional sandy beaches, but most of it consists of rocks and sometimes even cliffs. It's also extraordinarily cold almost year around, only being comfortable during summer. During the winter it can be downright fatal to go into the waters, as its absolutely freezing temperature will sap the life out of you in mere minutes, even though the ocean doesn't actually freeze over, it's still deathly cold.

Natural Resources

The Blood Coast is extremely rich in iron, and the ferrous material is what gives both the sand and the water its characteristic red hue. The iron can be harvested from both the sand and the sediments by very simple methods.
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