Arnian Coup of Indepencence

With over three years of preparation, Arnian separatists managed to infiltrate the nobility of the Kfandr empire, position operatives in strategic positions and finally strike against a weakened leadership in the Cleft of Arnþórr Kallas. The coup nearly failed due to troops being delayed, confusion and staunch resistance from Kfandr loyalists. Countless lives were lost, but in the end, the separatists stood victorious, having claimed the consul's castle, preventing the Kfandrian forces to operate in the area.

Origin of conflict

In the Kfandr empire, there are several religions and faiths, but the state-backed religion is Liðr Lys, the Path of Balance. Within the lysian faith there are a couple of denominations worshipping, primarily, different særiþír. A særiþír is not a god, but still a divine being, usually in service of the god. The closest analogue would be a "spirit".

In the case of Arnþórr versus Kfandr, the conflict lies in that the Arnian separatists were all fanatical ohrianists, worshipping the spirit of vengeance; Ohria. Ohria is technically an extension of the godess of justice; Eri, but they exist as two individuals. Some have taken to worshipping Ohria directly, leaning much harder on the justice and vengeance parts of the lysian faith, rather than the more tolerant, peaceful and caring parts of the godess Eri.

Laying the groundwork

These separatists, under the leadership of Valdrig Valdnækr, the leader of the religious order Skálla Trímgi, the swords of justice, felt that their faith was being suppressed and that the Kfandrian people were too soft and lenient on their enemies, both domestic and foreign.

While Valdrig was always outspoken, he never let slip that he worked tirelessly to place people loyal to him in positions of power all around the southern parts of Kfandr. His plan was to create a new state. A theocracy under the leadership of Ohria. A state that would not flinch in the face of vengeance and injustice. A state where the ohrian believers were free to exercise their faith.

The coup

In early morning of the 12th of Millir, at the end of winter in 499, Arnian separatist forces assaulted the consul's castle in Dellingr, the main administrative city of the Arnþórr Kallas. The consul was wholly unprepared, the area poorly defended and most of the guards on site were Arnian separatists stationed there by Valdrig.

However, what Valdrig didn't know, was that a warband of Kfandrian elite soldiers were in the area performing military exercises. Before the castle fell to the separatists, the consul managed to send a message to the soldiers, calling for their help.

The battle

What was supposed to be an easy take-over rapidly turned into a bloody battle, as the Kfandrian loyalists held for as long as they could, fuelled by the knowledge that help was on its way. They fought a desperate battle against the Arnian separatists, managing to hold them from taking the castle long enough for the soldiers to reach the city, several hours later.

The separatists were already storming every administrative building in the city, and had executed most of the administrative staff and most nobles family heads, in order to weaken political power in the area. Their goal was to install themselves as independent governors of the Arnþórr Kallas.

This is when the soldiers reached the city and fought their way up to the castle. The separatists lost over a third of their forces trying to hold the soldiers back, but once the battle moved to the castle proper, the odds were against the soldiers. While not as prepared for an assault as they could've been, the separatists knew the layout of the castle well thanks to weeks of planning, inside operators and personal knowledge of Valdrig. The soldiers had never been here, and struggled to make headway through the castle, suffering horrendous losses to murderholes and ambushes at every turn, eventually being forced to retreat.


Over a thousand soldiers, both Arnian and Kfandrian, lost their lives that day, and their blood drenched the streets of Dellingr. With the emperor on his death bed, the imperial family was in no position to muster the political power to oppose Valdrig from declaring Arnþórr an independent state. Months later, empress Sfeiða Fríðing was coronated and immediately set out to dethrone the upstart Valdrig.

They only had time to fight one relatively light skirmish at the gates of the city before news of a new discovery reached the empress' ears. A new continent was discovered. Kfandr could ill afford to fight a civil war and colonize a new world. Reluctantly, Sfeiða pulled back her troops.

The Sovereign Principality of Arnþórr

That was over 30 years ago. Still, to this day, Arnþórr is a stinging reminder of just how brittle political and military power is in the face of conviction. It is a mark of shame on the empress' record, and she will rectify it, when she can. Right now, the rest of the world gnashes its teeth at the empire, and she must be ready for anyone to attack. A tiny nation calling itself independent would be no threat to the full force of the mighty empire. But who knows what allegiances have been forged in the 30 years since the coup?

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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
12th Millir 499
Ending Date
8th Efja 500
Conflict Result
Arnian independence

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