The Armory, in spite of its name, has little to do with storing weapons. It is the headquarters and administrative building of the Swords of Justice, a lysian religious order focused on justice. Ever since the coronation of empress Sfeiða the First of Kfandr, she has been working tirelessly to strengthen the church's legal and political power. Installing the Swords as the religious police was one such step.

Location and appearance

The Armory look more like a military building than a religious place of service. It is a large, rectangular building, plastered in dark red. It has a single door on the front, allowing entry into the building proper. There are traditional, Kfandrian-styled, tall windows lining the sides of the building, but they are covered in blackened iron bars. The building exudes an atmosphere of oppression and dominance.

It is built like a courthouse moreso than a church. A section of the large building is a devoted actual armory, where the Swords store their equipment. Only initiated Sworders are allowed inside this section. It is also here the The Table is located.

The Table

The Table gained much fame after rumor had it that the empress spent three full days furiously berating and upbraiding the captain of the Swords for their sorry state and ordered they'd shape up or she'd have them all executed for heresy. It is said to have had a significant impact on the diligence of the Sworders.

What it actually is, is a large, oaken table, oval in shape, that serves as the main planning and meeting place for the higher ranks of the Sworders. Prior to the empress' visit, no royalty had ever sat at the table. Although it's unlikely Sfeiða sat for even a minute, given her demeanor. She was likely pacing the room, angrily gesturing.


The building was little more than a headquarters; A place to meet. But with the recent upswing in funding and political power, the Sworders now use the building as the main courthouse of heresy trials. Every major case that cannot be solved immediately on site is brought up in the courthouse and dealt with by the abjudicators, including Vísundr Vrækæ, the head of the Swords.

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