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The gimroan plainswolf, called álfr in local language (Ósleiðr), is a giant of a beast. The plainswolves were originally a rare sight in the southern Gimroan Basin and the northern Great Plains, living in very small groups and hunting everything for food.   These days they're a lot more common as both the nomads of the Great Plains and the people of Gimroen have tamed the álfrún and use them as beasts of burden, for riding and as work animals. These majestic wolf-like animals are an imposing sight, and a trained warwolf is a priceless possession.

Basic Information


Álfrela are very large, standing 16-20 hands (162-203 cm) high at the withers. A healthy, well exercised álfr is muscularly built with a wide chest, strong leg muscles and a bushy tail. They weigh around 1000-1300 lbs (450-600 kg). Standing straight up an álfr is about 10-13 ft (3-4 m) long from nose to the base of the tail. The tail itself is bushy and about a 3-5 ft (100-150 cm) in length.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Álfrela eat enormous amounts of food to maintain their huge bodies. As such, owning one can be almost prohibitively expensive as they also prefer to eat protein rich meats over any kind of plant food. They can eat most plants, aside from the usually poisonous ones, but it doesn't provide them with as much nutrition as meat does.   Most álfr owners also raise cattle, goats, deer or other animals to feed their álfr kennel. A single álfr needs about 21 000 calories to get through the day, but they generally don't eat daily unless actually fed, instead preferring to eat every 5-7 days. A single, well fed cow can provide over 500 000 calories so most kennels are sized so that a single cow will feed the entire kennel for a week, meaning between 3-5 álfr per kennel.
Scientific Name
Álfr(s.), Álfra(s.def.), Álfrela(pl.), Álfrún(pl.def.)
Á is pronounced like "ow" in "owl" and the F becomes a v sound.
Plainswolf, wargs
25-35 years
Average Height
16-20 hands (162-203 cm)
Average Weight
1000-1300 lbs (450-600 kg)
Average Length
10-13 ft (3-4 m)
13-18 ft (3,5-5 m) with tail.


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