Zanga Brotherhood

Zanga Hoshuda, roughly translating to "The Brotherhood of Zanga" in Xantu, is a large criminal gang in Fusion City. Classified as a criminal syndicate, the Zanga brotherhood run semi-legitimate businesses around the city and make deals with corporations. The brotherhood runs a number of prominent gaming dens both legitimate, such as casinos, and illegal, such as price fighter rings with Gelsirs. They are heavily involved in drug-running and trafficking, both illegal.  

Sutruza and the history of Zanga

The Zanga Brotherhood is an organization with old roots. They've been around for at least 300 years and were originally called the "Sutruza". The Cataclysm hit them as hard as any other organization, killing most of their members and shattering businesses all around the world. Their presence in Fusion City was, until about 20 years ago, weak. They had establishments and a small number of corporation deals, but their numbers were slim and their influence limited. They were less a smart, semi-legitimate business syndicate and a more regular Goon gang.   When a young Hessak named Zalik Aszashi joined the organization, at the meager age of 14, this was about to change. Zalik's wit and brutality made him a perfect fit for the organization and within 6 years he had worked his way up in the organization and in to the inner circle.   While the brotherhood values effective members, the current leader at that time, Ofush Bijdum, was not impressed with this young little upstart and felt threatened. Bijdum was larger, stronger and older than Aszashi and decided that the easiest way to rid himself of the threat was to eliminate him. Rather than having Aszashi assassinated, Bijdum attempted to assert his dominance by killing the young Hessak in a duel. Bijdum was a renowned wrestler and sword fighter and it was expected that Aszashi was going to be utterly destroyed in the match.   The duel was held at Bijdum's favourite prize-fighter club in Aspen District and Aszashi surprised everyone by not only surviving the first round, but giving Bijdum a run for his money. With Bijdum's colossal confidence broken by Aszashi's unexpected skill, Aszashi gained the upper hand in the second round and finished Bijdum off with a rear-naked choke from a body lock. Despite Bidjum being almost twice as large as Aszashi, the Hessak held the choke long enough for Bijdum to fall unconscious. Aszashi then snapped the Dru'un's neck with a leg lock.   Owing to Sutruza tradition, Aszashi became the new leader of Sutruza. He got to work restructuring the entire organization in a way he felt was more efficient and that garnered loyalty rather than ambition. He modeled the gang on the feudal kingdoms of old, with vassals serving under him and vassals serving the vassals. He renamed the organization to "Zanga Hoshuda", the Brotherhood of Zanga. He appointed his most loyal men to be his closest vassals and declared the gang to be a brotherhood where each member looked upon one another as family members.

Maj zhà xíè
"Death before disloyalty"

Founding Date
96 PC
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
Zanga Brotherhood
Sutruza (old)
Xang zhê (Brother of Zanga)
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities
Spoken languages


The power structure of the brotherhood is feudal, with the Ozuba at the top and his most loyal men, the Tashiku, report directly to him.   Each Tashi is granted a domain of the city and are required to manage all the businesses and members of their domain. To motivate them to efficiency, they are required to pay a large monthly fee to the Ozuban. For them to make any profit from their businesses, they must be run well. Tashi have the mandate to appoint Oshi (vassals) to rule smaller areas of the domain.   The Oshi, in turn, must pay a monthly fee to their Tashi and report directly to them. Oshi must support their Tashi with men and resources, should the Tashi require it. The Tashi, in return, must provide the Oshu what he needs to run his domain, within reason.   An Oshu who fails to effectively manage his fiefdom is warned and told to improve. If he does not improve within the time limit, he must pay a penalty that can be financial but are often physical. The Oshi are usually required to pay their penalties in flesh. Usually an ear or a finger will suffice, but for particularly dishonoring failures an entire hand or arm is required. Particularly egregious transgressions, such as betrayal and disloyalty are punishable by death. A hunt is declared on a traitor or disloyal member that has not showed up voluntarily, and each member of the family is encouraged to hunt down and murder the traitor. These physical punishments are not limited to Oshi; Tashiku and the men under the Oshi are subject to the same punishments.  


Becoming a member of the Hoshuda is not easy. Firstly, the brotherhood only accepts men as full members. Women are respected and are members of the gang but their membership is gained through their male partner. Lesbian women are not allowed, but gay men are.   To become a member of the brotherhood, one first applies for membership and becomes a trial. As a trial you have only responsiblities and no rights. As a trial you are below even the lowliest ranking member and must obey their every command, no matter what it is. You serve as a trial for a year before you can apply for membership. To even be considered for membership, you must have at least an Oshu vouch for you, and that Oshu's Tashi must accept the request. This is to ensure that only valuable and loyal members are accepted into the brotherhood, and that the trial has served closely with these people that they trust him. Trust is of utmost importance in the brotherhood.  


The brotherhood only allows pure members and any kind of mutation is an automatic disqualification of membership. Especially psychos are barred from membership, despite the difficulty of identifying one. Should a member of the brotherhood be identified as a psycho, they are hunted to the death without hesitation as their failure to divulge this fact is considered the ultimate betrayal.  


The Zanga are overall skeptical and dismissive of cybernetics. They believe that the organic self is the pinnacle of evolution and that anyone using cybernetics is considered weak. While using and installing cybernetics isn't outright banned it is frowned upon for anything but correctional replacement, such as loss of senses or limbs. An exception is made for punitive limb removal. If you have had to sacrifice an ear or a finger to appease your superior, it is heavily frowned upon to replace the body part. It is seen as dishonorable to try and hide one's previous failings.   Tattoos are not seen as cybernetics, even if it is circuit tattoos, and many Zanga wear their symbols with pride.

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