Wasteland Cuisine

Wasteland cuisine is one born of necessity. The few survivors of The Cataclysm had to quickly adapt to their new situation and make do with what little food and water they could find in the new world.



With the Cataclysm wiping out most living species of flora, fauna and Kykr alike there was little to consume for the few fortunate, or perhaps unfortunate, survivors. They had to quickly adapt to their new surroundings and the dangers of the wastelands, find new and inventive ways to cultivate what little flora and fauna was left. Some resorted to cannibalising their dead, others to violence, but in the end, a stable wasteland cuisine was cultivated within the Cockroach society.  


Brought through the generations via oral tradition, these recipes have become staple in wasteland cuisine and can be found in almost every settlement around the Shadowmark. They make efficient use of the limited resources of the Shadowmark.
Guide, Survival
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth

Cover image: by CC BY, Modified by Tobias Linder


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